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'Star Wars Episode 7' Cast Turned Into LEGO Figures (PHOTO)

'Star Wars Episode 7' Cast Turned Into LEGO Figures (PHOTO)

The whole cast of "Star Wars Episode 7" has been turned into LEGO figures in a new picture.

The image was posted by the gaming site Kotaku yesterday and features many of the cast members from the upcoming film including Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and droid C-3PO. See it here.

The picture also includes some of the actors playing villains that will be featured in the new film. They might end up playing a new group of mercenaries known as the Mandalorians.

A new rumor reported on by the Latino Review claims that this group will be fighting against the Jedi heroes in the film. The Mandalorians exist in other Star Wars media and are a group of nomadic warriors who serve as hunters and mercenaries. Bobo Fett and Jango sported the Mando armor in previous Star Wars films.

The new movie might also feature Sith Witches known as Nightsisters. Both of these groups gained popularity through other forms of Star Wars media such as the Clone Wars animated series.

Other rumors pointed to Episode 7's villains being a trio of Jedi Hunters played by Lupita Nyong'o, Adam Driver and David Oyelowo. They just might be hunting in the Mando armor.

Harrison Ford who plays Hans Solo in the upcoming film broke his leg two weeks ago, not just his ankle as it was originally reported.

BBC clarified the story last week stating that Ford broke his left leg and had successful surgery on the limb. His U.S. publicist confirmed the news.

"He will begin rehab shortly," she said. "He's doing well and looks forward to returning to work."

Star Wars Episode 7 will hit theaters in Dec. 2015 and it is being directed by J.J. Abrams.


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