'The Flash' Season 4 News: Actor Reportedly Set to Exit Shows Addresses Rumor; Fans Already in Riot Mode

The Flash season 4 episode 2
A promotional still from "The Flash" season 4, episode 2, "Mixed Signals" |

The latest episode of "The Flash" season 4 has fans wondering about a possible major departure.

"Arrow" recently said goodbye to Willa Holland's Thea, who was one of the original characters on the show. Now, some fear that "The Flash" might be following suit.

In the latest episode, Breacher (Danny Trejo) goes into retirement after losing his powers due to his age, and he offered Cisco (Carlos Valdes) the opportunity to be with Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) by replacing him at the Collection Agency on Earth-19.

Cisco is left seriously thinking about it, teasing the possibility of the character being written off. "The Flash" season 4 episode ended without addressing it, but in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Valdes hinted that he might end up staying on Earth-1 after all.

He explained that while Cisco will weigh this against his loyalties with Team Flash, whatever his decision will ultimately be something that "sort of brings up some feelings regarding where he stands with his relationship" with Gypsy.

Valdes teases that his choice, which will be revealed in the coming episodes of "The Flash" season 4, will complicate the long-distance relationship.

"So some of the problems that they encounter in the 20th episode of our fourth season are very analogous to the problems that many couples in a long-distance relationship experience in the real world," the actor explained.

"So that was very challenging to play, but it definitely represents a head, it represents a sort of open to complications between Cisco and Gypsy in their relationship, so that's super interesting," he went on to say.

His first remark suggests that they will still try to make things work while also keeping things as they are. However, he hinted that Cisco might come to a realization that if Gypsy wants the relationship to go on, she would have to make time.

Early in the season, it was the other way around. In the second episode of "The Flash" season 4, "Mixed Signals," Cisco had to constantly hold off their date because the team was preventing Killgore, a metahuman who uses his ability to control and manipulate technology to kill the people who stole an application he developed. Cisco, however, made sure to make it up to her after the baddie was dealt with it.

Everything seemed okay between them ever since, but it looks like the two are about to discover just how challenging it really is to keep the relationship going while still doing their jobs on their respective Earths. Whether they will get past that or not remains to be seen.

Fans are not at all okay with Valdes leaving "The Flash." His character is a favorite of the show as the actor endeared Cisco to viewers with his portrayal. He is considered as the heart of the show.

Cisco often gets the best one-liners on the show and throws the most pop culture references. Fans know the show would not be the same without him. In fact, they believe "The Flash" won't be "The Flash" without Valdes.

That being said, many fans believe the writers know how important he is to the show, so writing him off is basically impossible at this point, unless Valdes himself wanted out.

He took to Twitter to address the speculations but understandably offered no clarification. 

For now, fans will just have to wait and see. "The Flash" airs every Tuesday on The CW.

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