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Tim Tebow Spoof by John Legend (VIDEO)

Tim Tebow Spoof by John Legend (VIDEO)

With the Super Bowl just one day away some people still just cannot get enough of Tim Tebow.


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From the way he has proven those who thought that he would not be able to win in the National Football League, to his outspoken and unabashed profession of his faith, Tebow has drawn wonder and curiosity from many people.

Grammy-award winning singer John Legend made a recent appearance on ESPN's "First Take" a sports show where they debate all manner of sports related stories.

It is no secret that one of the show's hosts, Skip Bayless, is a strong supporter of Tebow and has defended his position numerous times in the past.


A growing trend on the show is what has been come to be known as a throw-down. This is a tradition where guests who appear on the show discuss a certain topic with Bayless; LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, Common and Queen Latifah have all stopped by "First Take" to take him on.

Legend used the entire time on the show debating some of the topics around the sports world. But one of the more hotly debated topics was Bayless' unwavering support for Tim Tebow

The singer later during the show put his thoughts and feelings about Tebow into a song, Legend spoofed his own hit "Ordinary People" by turning it into "Extra-ordinary Tebow."

"Now it's the Super Bowl, and while you are sitting home, Skip and Stephen debate you every day," Legend sang, "Extra-ordinary Tebow, your power we can't know."

Legend also made note that when it Comes to Tim Tebow, "Skip won't you let it go."

This was not the first time that there was a parody about the Broncos quarterback. Late last year on Saturday Night Live the parody of the player included a visit from Jesus to the locker room.


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