Monday, March 12, 2012
Tim Tebow to Be Traded for Peyton Manning?

Tim Tebow to Be Traded for Peyton Manning?

Tim Tebow could be traded by the Denver Broncos if they can get their hands on champion-winning quarterback Peyton Manning, formerly of the Indianapolis Colts.

Although Tim Tebow led the Broncos to the postseason, his unorthodox performance led to some criticism, and many believe that he would play second string to Manning if the Broncos managed to snag him. Tebow could also be traded if the team saw fit.

A "source with knowledge of the dynamics in Denver" told Pro Football Talk that Denver would rather trade their starting quarterback, freeing up capital for the expensive Peyton Manning.

The rumors have more credibility than simple speculation because the Denver Broncos' management has made their pursuit of the new free agent very public. Manning met with the Broncos officials, and the visit was documented by The Denver Post.

"The visit was productive," a Broncos source told The Post. "The team is hopeful and encouraged by the time spent" meeting with the quarterback.

Although Manning was expected to decide where he would land by Tuesday, reports have surfaced suggesting that may no longer happen. Manning certainly has a tough decision on his hands, as the Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans have all publicly declared that they want him.

"I want Manning," Bud Adams, Tennessee Titans owner, told The Tennessean. I'd love to see him in Titan blue after watching him so many years with the Colts. … I am ready to do what it takes to get him aboard, and I think he'd be the guy to get us into the playoffs."

What does this mean for Tim Tebow?

Not a trade, according to Bleacher Report. The sports site named several factors that would prevent the Broncos from trading their current starter Tim Tebow for an seasoned, many-times-injured Peyton Manning.

Statistically speaking, Peyton Manning is more consistent than Tim Tebow as a quarterback: Manning's completion rate hovers in the mid to high 60s, while Tebow's has never been higher than 50 percent in the NFL. In addition, Manning, 35, has been playing since 1998, giving him far more experience than the 24-year-old Tebow, who has only two NFL seasons to his name.

For the Bleacher Report, it would make more sense for the Broncos to acquire Manning, then let him train the young Tebow and make him a champion.

"Wouldn't it make more sense for the Broncos to have Tebow learn from Manning as his backup? He would also act as a really nice insurance policy," wrote the Vincent Frank, a columnist for the site.

Frank also talked about the fan base- a very important aspect of NFL football. Getting rid of Tebow would "crack the fabric of the fanbase" as about "half" of Broncos fans love him, while the other half don't.

Tebow has not responded to the rumors of being traded, or his team's acquisition of Peyton Manning.


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