Why Square Enix Should Not Regret Announcing the 'Final Fantasy 7 Remake' When They Did

Remake still has no release date despite being announced back in 2015

The "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" was one of the games many people wanted to see at E3 this year, but despite some rumors that it would make an appearance, the event came and went with no trace of Cloud's spiky hair, Barret's gun-arm or anything else that is closely linked to the iconic RPG.

It was a disappointing no-show for many fans, but one not entirely surprising given how the developers have yet to discuss the aforementioned game in great detail for an extended amount of time.

The disappointment is only amplified by the fact that it's now been more than three years since the game was first announced, and it still has no known release date.

The time that passed between the remake's initial announcement and today likely affects how many fans think about the game. The early announcement is probably part of the reason why there are disappointed fans out there.

During a recent interview with Italian magazine "Multiplayer" — a translation of which was provided by Kingdom Hearts Insider — director Tetsuya Nomura acknowledged that the remake was indeed announced too early, though he indicated that rumors about it were starting to circulate, so they opted to just reveal it themselves.

Admittedly, all these no-shows aren't helping fans get more pumped up for the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake," but the developers announcing the game back in 2015 was still the right move.

Yes, these latest disappointments are likely tough to take for the fans, but what's going on right now is nothing compared to the elation caused by that initial reveal.

The video embedded below, which comes courtesy of Info-Gamers, is a perfect reminder of just how incredible that announcement was.