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Dads, Pornography Will Harm Your Children

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Dads, pornography will harm your children. What you are about to read will tell you how. Please resist the temptation to stop reading here. I know you love your kids and you would never intentionally do anything to hurt them. Not only will pornography harm your children, it will definitely harm your wife and destroy your sexual intimacy with her. Here's how.

God had good reasons when he gave us strict instructions in the Old Testament. God wanted to keep his children safe. He knew the powerful force of our passions. After all He was the one who designed passion for the purpose of procreation and the population of the Earth. Can I throw you a curve ball for a minute? God created and loves music! He loves music and he loves harmony. You see it's the same with our homes. He loves our homes to be a loving, harmonious melody, not full of insecurity, and jealousy, with fighting and fears. He loves it when the children feel secure and are able to sleep well at night.

Jesus, as well as many other New Testament writers, quoted the Old Testament many times in the New Testament. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament reveal the heart of our heavenly Father concerning many matters in life. While we are not under the curse of the Old Testament law, we still all have to deal with many of the curses of the Garden of Eden. Men we still have to work from the sweat of our brow. Women still bare pain in childbirth and so on. Also men and women still have issues surrounding eating forbidden fruit and nakedness!

Isaiah 47:2, 3 (KJV) states: "Take the millstones, and grind meal: uncover thy locks, make bare the leg, uncover the thigh, pass over the rivers. Thy nakedness shall be uncovered, yea thy shame shall be seen: I will take vengeance and will not meet thee as a man."

This passage in the Old Testament does show the heart of God on the subject of what He feels nudity is, and for a very good reason. For many years, the church has used this passage of scripture to teach young people about modesty. However it seems like the church in today's world has for the most part given up on that one all together.

Once as a youth pastor the Holy Spirit told me to teach on modesty. As I prayed, God revealed what to do. I took a Snickers Bar and put it on a small table. I said: "Young people, if you came home and this Snickers Bar was laying on the counter and you knew it was your Dads, how many of you would be tempted to take a bite?" Not any hands went up. So I tore open a corner, so you could just see a little bit of chocolate. "Now how many would be tempted to take a bite?" This time a couple of hands went up. Next I pulled back enough so you could see the whole end of the bar. "Now how many?" Hands and laughter went up everywhere. Then I said: "Everyone bow their heads in prayer!"

While praying I said: "Young people, the same is true with your clothing. The more of your body your clothing reveals the more you draw sexual attention to yourself." You could have heard a pin drop in that room. One mother told me her daughter took a few hundred dollars worth of school clothing back that week and exchanged them for other things. You see God understands the power of what we see with our eyes, and where it takes us with our minds, especially as men.

They say women are born with a sixth sense. Most believe God gave them that because of all the extra responsibility of raising children. The women just know when something isn't right. They can tell if your heart is close to them, or far away. Their response to you is in direct proportion to what they sense. Are they ever wrong? To be fair I must say yes, and especially women whom men have abused earlier in life. Sometimes it's possible that they are over sensitive to such radar data. This however, it's all the more reason to show her how loyal and faithful you are to them.

I'm going to shock you with this one. Kids have built in radar too! They can sense when something isn't right. I remember at five years old walking up to my Mom and Dad in the kitchen crying, asking them if they were getting a divorce. In this case it was because they had been arguing. I was fearful because the parents of one of my school friends had just gotten a divorce.

Dads, kids know how much you love their mother. There is no way you can go online and view porn and have private fantasies about other women without it "coming out in the wash" as they say. Jesus said: "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart". Matthew 5:28 (NIV)

Numbers 32:23b states: "to be sure your sins will find you out"! Sir, do you want your home to be harmonious? Then the place to start is in your own heart. If you feel tempted to toy with pornography be sure your wife will eventually find out. Your kids may not know what's up, but they will be able to tell things are not good between you and their mother. Not only did God know, He knew when it was just a wrong thought that was stored in your memory bank, to be taken out at a later time, for your own selfish pleasure.

Dads, if you already into pornography, please seek help. Find an accountability partner, or talk with your Pastor. Please begin today to work on getting free from pornography. Here's help;

Rev Nolan J Harkness is the President and CEO of Nolan Harkness Evangelistic Ministries Inc. since 1985. He spent most of his adult life working in youth ministry. He also felt the calling of Evangelist/Revivalist and traveled as the door was open holding evangelistic meetings in churches throughout the Northeast. His website is

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