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London Theatre Cancels Film on People Leaving Homosexuality

London Theatre Cancels Film on People Leaving Homosexuality

Apollo Cinemas was a locally focused, independently owned multiplex cinema operator in the United Kingdom. The chain was acquired by Vue Cinemas in 2013. | Bob Walker/

A Christian organization – Core Issues Trust hired a screen at theatre Vue Piccadilly in London, in order to show a "personal booking" of a film featuring individuals who had left homosexuality. Note this was a "personal booking", not public. It is reported that 126 people were to attend the event.

Core Issues Trust, led by Mike Davidson, aims to "preserve and promote teachings on sexual ethics". Further, Core Issues Trust is "for believers and seekers who struggle with issues of sexual brokenness, including homosexuality".

Though the personal booking had been made, the theater changed its mind when it became aware of the film's content as reported by the BBC.

Pink News, a solely LGBT news source, said the theater had a "duty to ensure that material such as this is not shown on its screens" and that LGBT staff could "unwittingly be disturbed by the content".

One has to ask, how could LGBT theater staff be "unwittingly...disturbed by the (film's) content" if (one) they have responsibilities to fulfill and (two) the film's screening is a "personal booking"?

In other words, theater staff manning the concession stands have work to do; therefore they have no reason to be in close proximity to the film.

The theater's decision to cancel the film ironically illustrates the very title of the film, "Voices of the Silenced"

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