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As followers of Christ and children of God it is a given that we will inevitably be stuck in an 'impossible' situation. A situation that tries every fibre of who we are and for all intensive purposes breaks us, it's part of the Christian life and it always occurs. However, our mindsets in these situations often reek of misery and dismay, as do our attitudes and if anything, we poorly represent the so called new life we have been given, thus reflecting poorly on God and giving the wrong impression to those who watch us. That rock in a hard place has the potential, and it is the opportunity to reaffirm ourselves and the broken world that God is that rock on which we can and must stand.

A Rock

Christ, can be referred to in many different terms, rock, cornerstone 'our rock and our salvation', yet we constantly fail to recognise this and allow ourselves to be crushed instead of standing on Christ that rock. Somewhere along the line we lost sight of the fact that we can stand on Him, that He is the foundation that will not crumble and will always prevail.

I whole heartedly believe, that we must remind ourselves of this, and that instead of being crushed and worn down, we take our rightful places and stand. He paid greatly so that we might stand and be that church on the rock, the one that does not crumble or falter despite the sin, the foolishness and the arrogance of man.

A Hard Place

Hard place takes on a whole new meaning each time we are faced with such a thing. Sometimes it only last brief moments, while others it seems to last years. Personally, they have all lasted years, but perhaps that was due to my mind set and my view, one that few Christians do not have. The hard place could be countless consuming things, for example spiritual, mental or physical, but the fact that always remains is that Christ is our rock and our rock is the strongest there is in all of creation.

So many things could be dealt with much quicker and with a lot less cost if we heed to who Christ is and what He says He is. However, sometimes that hard place is meant to last in order teach, but not for a second does that mean it has to be as back and bone breaking as we make it.

Strong Foundation

In order to gain victory, in order to be great in Gods eyes for God, it is imperative that we stand on that foundation, that foundation of truth, strength and love. Not only are we to stand, but as a church together. Despite all that comes our way, despite the loss and heartache, in every moment we have the privilege to stand strong on the rock and not allow circumstance or trails to prevail. We can with humility and full assurance be still and know that He is God and He is good.

Every hard place is again an opportunity, and how we face it weather we allow it to crush us, cause our attitude and character to wreak or allow it to demonstrate the glory and majesty of Our King and Father. It is quiet the realisation when we become aware that there are those around us, people we might not necessarily see, that are watching to see just what we do. If we allow circumstance and everything else run us down then those people will scoff and perhaps give up. On the other hand, if we stand on Christ our rock, and make our attitude reflect that, they might just get a glimpse at something so much greater than ourselves and their situation. The fate of those on lookers might just rest on how we deal with those hard places, and with that we have the responsibility to stand on Christ our rock against that hard place.

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