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This is why I dislike liberals

Rachel Alexander is the editor of the Intellectual Conservative and is an attorney.

I have a lefty friend who never stops insulting me because of my conservative and Christian views. Sometimes I wonder how I remain friends with him, but I’m a pretty easygoing person. He sent me an email the other day with the most vile, false stereotypes about conservatives and Christians, and said this is why he can’t stand us. So I thought why don’t I show him what it’s like to have someone portray your viewpoints as all offensive stereotypes? Conservatives are too nice, we’re too polite; we want to believe liberals have good intentions, they’re just misguided.

So here’s what really motivates liberals to believe the way they do. They promote Planned Parenthood and abortion because they want to reduce the number of poor people and minorities, who they view as inferior and a drain on society. Liberals believe everyone else thinks like them, so just like them, others need to be coerced by government laws in order to provide for the poor. They can’t imagine how Christians genuinely care about others and volunteer their own time and money to help those less fortunate.

Similarly, liberals promote welfare for minorities because they think they're inferior and incapable of getting real jobs. If they really cared about their well-being, they would concentrate their efforts on private charity and helping them obtain jobs, not making them dependent on the government dole. Most white activist liberals don’t have any minorities as friends, and they don’t spend much time engaging in charity work to help them, so they never learn that gosh, minorities really aren’t inferior.

Liberals also believe women are inferior. They promote affirmative action for women and minorities in order to supposedly bring them up to the higher standards of white men. Recently, feeling the need to disguise their overtly bigoted actions, liberals have started demonizing white men. It’s a clever move, deflecting from their true belief that white men are superior.

They want to take guns away from people so patriots have no way to resist the left's increasingly totalitarian government. Liberals pretend not to know history, but they know that this country won its independence in large part thanks to guns. They don’t want another repeat of that, overthrowing the type of government they are creating.

Liberals want to stomp out the Christian religion because they have a guilty conscience about all their sinning. It has nothing to do with the First Amendment, because they’ve removed Christianity so much from the public sphere there is little risk of government establishing a state religion anymore. Instead, it’s all about eliminating those pesky little reminders everywhere throughout society that tells them their immoral actions aren’t leading to good.

They promote evolution because they have such a guilty conscience about Christianity they'll do anything to discredit the religion. They refuse to allow alternative viewpoints to be taught in education, shutting down any Christian explanation for the origins of the universe and life. Since they know evolution is a weak theory, they can’t dare expose students to alternative theories.  

Liberals prefer excessive government regulation because they are attracted to government bureaucrat jobs, and they think they're superior to everyone else and should make all the rules.

They want to teach young children sex education in grade school so they feel better about themselves being promiscuous if everyone else is too.

Liberals force manmade global warming down our throats in order to appease their guilty consciences about partying and living for themselves, instead of genuinely caring about others through their own desire and initiative. They won’t care for society of their own volition, so they believe others won’t either. If they can just get the government to force laws on everyone regarding taking care of the earth, their consciences will be appeased.

Liberals are gradually censoring out conservative speech through political correctness because they know if conservative speech continues to get through, it will convince more people not to be leftists. They portray conservative speech in the most offensive way possible in order to scare people from identifying as conservatives. All the words that apply to themselves — racist, sexist, bigoted — they transfer to conservatives in order to deflect from their own prejudicial views.

It’s a very difficult accusation to beat, because it’s like the question, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” They ask, “Why are you such a racist?” So turn it around on them. Whenever my lefty friend attacks me with some ridiculous stereotype, I respond with, “Why are you such a white supremacist?” He has no response. It shuts him down.

Rachel is the editor for and an attorney.

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