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God’s kingdom expands regardless who the president is

God’s kingdom expands regardless who the president is

Courtesy of Tim Crawshaw

As an Australian who has visited the USA on several occasions, I have always returned home envious wishing that my country valued and honored God as much as America.

Secularism has made God taboo in Australia. We are caught up in a political correctness narrative pushed by the left that is wanting to replace Christian morality with its own agenda, a manifestation of the enemy's schemes.

It seems that Americans are facing a potential future reality to what has already happened here in Australia.

Right now here in Australia, political correctness and national secular sporting organizations have more influence than churches in establishing values for society. If people don't agree with those values, they are immediately shamed and marginalized. The unspoken reality regardless if you are left or right is that you are only allowed to have an opinion about something if it is not faith based.

This makes watching the news or any media for that matter incredibly painful because objective bias seems to have been thrown out the window. Instead of giving objective facts, the Australian media seems more intent on instructing people how to feel consistent with the narrative they are pushing. The throw-away line is that you should feel "outraged" or "deeply offended" about the lack of political correctness about a particular issue the left is advocating.

My opinion is that Christians can't get swept up in the trends or fashions of political correctness movements because: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8).

Jesus has warned that persecution will come. We need to normalize that what is happening in the world are manifestations of spiritual warfare which oppose God's kingdom.

The recent riots all over America for example were nothing more than physical manifestations of spiritual lawlessness spoken about in the Bible.

Political correctness is a means of which persecution will come.

God needs Christians to remember and act first and foremost in their kingdom identity BEFORE their political or national identity,

Christians need to remain focused on releasing and expanding the Kingdom which includes the message of salvation, showing love, mercy, compassion, and treating others as we want to be treated.

God’s kingdom is expanded regardless of who the president is — God will ensure that.

Of course, as Christians we want our politicians or the president to represent our Godly and kingdom values. However, there is danger in expecting such representation from them when we are not willing to do anything to advance the kingdom ourselves.

Without wanting to offend, if all the effort put into political analysis and discussion regarding Christianity and American politics was redirected into and replaced with expanding God's kingdom on earth then that would amount to serious fruit being produced!

Tim Crawshaw is an advocate for Christianity to move back to it's supernatural roots from religion into relationship with Jesus. He runs a wilderness ministry in Tasmania, Australia, called "The Bay of Fires Walk For Spiritual Seekers"  which gives participants an opportunity to authentically and supernaturally encounter God in some of the most beautiful isolated beaches in the world to receive restoration and life changing spiritual growth. Contact Tim through the walk website here