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Transgender Sues CrossFit for Not Letting Her Compete Against Women

A transgender woman is suing CrossFit for refusing to allow her to compete in a women's-only division of their annual fitness competition. 34-year-old Chloie Jonsson of Northern California was born a male but now identifies as female, but that hasn't changed the mind of the popular gym, who claims that scientifically Chloie would have an advantage over the other female athletes.

5-Year-Old Beaten to Death By Teenager With Bowling Ball in Texas

A Texas teen pleaded guilty to the murder of a 5-year-old with a bowling ball Wednesday morning and was sentenced to 23 years behind bars. The 14-year-old from East Forth Worth was upset because the young child had "pestered" him to go to the store, so he brutally struck him with the heavy object "like a football player spiking a football" in June, he said.

Gay Marriage Supported in NJ, Says Poll: Chris Christie Firmly Opposed

Gay marriage is supported by a majority of New Jersey voters, according to recent Quinnipiac poll, but the statistics have not changed the firm stance of Governor Chris Christie against it. His opponent in the gubernatorial race, Barbara Buono, has challenged him on the issue, but so far he deems it an issue voters should decide.