David Ruzicka

CP Op-Ed Contributor

'Your Sex Takes Me to Paradise'

Bruno Mars is a talented guy and seems like he has a blast performing. And then there's this song: "Your Sex Takes Me To Paradise." While a few years old, it catches the sexual ethos our day.

Americans' God-Given Liberty Is Under Attack

Only a small group of Parkland students have been embraced by the mainstream media. Specifically, five. Commonality? They all hate guns, the NRA, and Republicans. Apparently, only survivors who favor gun control are "legitimate" survivors.

A Really Manly Man ... Really

Lots of confusion about what it means to be a man these days (and at least since the 1970's). A few years back a political campaign thought the "pajama boy" ad would really get men psyched up about discussing health insurance (this ad brought to you courtesy of estrogen!).