Jennifer Roback Morse

CP Op-Ed Contributor

15 Reasons to Oppose Surrogacy

I am an outspoken critic of gestational surrogacy, in which the gestational mother carries a child to term for another person or couple. I have noticed that many people do not understand the stakes in this issue.

Female Supreme Court Justices and Their War on Women

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a lifelong radical feminist ideologue. She came of age in the short window of time when women could still get married, have kids, go to law school, and have a career after child-bearing. Thanks to radical feminism, highly educated women have a much more difficult time doing these things.

Bottum's Up on Same Sex Marriage

The blogosphere has been all abuzz with reactions to Catholic intellectual Joseph Bottum's recent meandering piece on same sex marriage. The Sexual Revolutionaries consider Bottum's support of redefining marriage a coup, while supporters of natural marriage are naturally disappointed