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Hope for Those Battling Cancer

I'll never forget the doctor's words … "You have cancer." He delivers these words matter-of-factly as I sit on the examining table — absolutely stunned. My mind begins to race. But ... Friday I have a three-day conference in Baltimore ... and next Monday I have to be in New York City. I don't have time for surgery!

The Restless Pursuit of Hope

We tend to live sheltered lives, nestled in normalcy, protected in the cocoon of our comfort zone. We're inclined to go to the same places and do the same things … and we like it that way.

50 Shades of Grief: 7 Reasons to Pursue Sexual Integrity

How should we respond to "50 Shades of Grey"? Should we dismiss it as nothing more than a sappy romance jacked up on erotica, agreeing with critics like Claudia Puig, who wrote that "the dialogue is laughable, the pacing is sluggish and the performances are one-note"? Or should we be deeply disturbed … that sexual violence is being romanticized and could likely lead to the physical and emotional abuse of women?

10 Bible Verses to Keep You Hope-Filled in 2015

Be hopeful. God is working in our world. Through all of the pain and conflict, in the personal and private tragedies as well as in the public world-shaking crises – our God is at work to bring about His peace on earth. Consider these ten benefits of hope to carry you into 2015 ..

8 Biblical Steps to Recover From Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

One of the most grievous heartaches we face as a nation is how to best serve those who have served our country. Soldiers often return home with battle scars. Some are physical and visible, but many are unseen – emotional, mental and spiritual wounds that require time and care to heal. For many like Omar Gonzalez, past pain has a stranglehold on their present-day psyche, choking off vitality, joy and the hope of a better tomorrow. PTSD eerily shadows all of life and swallows up the most vulnerable.

7 Steps to Stand Up to Stop Bullying

I am truly grieved that Lynzee Benoit never had the chance to meet Bart Palosz. She would have warmed Bart's heart with words of encouragement, assuring him that his towering stature, Polish accent and pockmarked face couldn't keep the God of the universe from lavishing His love upon him. And Lynzee would have undergirded Bart's spirit with truth, the truth that the God who so loved him also had a unique role for him in this world, a role that ultimately would lead to indescribable fulfillment.

7 Biblical Steps to Defeat Deceit

In the end, though, as you may have already discovered, lying always equals loss, never ultimately getting you ahead. Respond to what God's Word teaches to help you break free from the bondage of lying. Follow these seven steps to experience deliverance from deceit. ...

Int'l Widows Day: 6 Things to Remember if You're in Pain

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, "It can be said that no group is more affected by the sin of omission than are widows." And this "sin of omission" is resulting in a humanitarian crisis in Southeast Asian countries like India and Sri Lanka where many of the more than 40 million widows "survive" either by waiting for people to throw food or money at them on the streets or by resorting to prostitution.

What to Do When You Suspect Child Sexual Abuse

The truth is inescapable … childhood sexual abuse is pervasive. It is our responsibility to protect and be a voice for those who are most vulnerable. You may question, what can I do? How can I be more mindful about protecting the "little ones" among us?

Cultural Hope vs Christian Hope: Which One Is Guaranteed Hope?

Hope is associated with an anticipation of something or an aspiration toward something, but a distinction needs to be made. Cultural hope is merely an optimistic desire that something will be fulfilled. This hope is not a guaranteed hope because it is subject to changeable people and changeable circumstances.

Faith vs. Fear: An Olympic-Sized Challenge

Fear continues to cast a shadow over major international events, and terrorism experts warn that diligence should always be exercised. But should event participants, and those of us observing from afar, be fearful? When the Bible tells us over and over again to not fear people or circumstances, just how should we respond to the very real threat of terrorism that reverberates all around the world?

Is Forgiveness Available After an Abortion? (Part 2)

Every year around the globe more than 40 million induced abortions leave behind a swath of pain signifying physical, emotional, and spiritual devastation. God's Word talks much about forgiveness, but millions of women are asking … Is forgiveness available for me … after an abortion?

Abortion: Counting the Cost in Israel (Part 1)

On January 5, 2014, the Israeli Cabinet approved a healthcare package for Israeli citizens that includes free abortions for women ages 20 to 33. No medical reasons are necessary for government funding, which is estimated to total $4.6 million.

10 Biblical Steps to Success in Overcoming Procrastination

At the start of 2014 how can you and I avoid the detrimental emotions associated with the "decay of delay?" Consider the following steps to strive toward completion in all aspects of life, leading to greater personal fulfillment, greater blessing to others and greater glory to God!

4 Sources of Angry Inferno in the Heart

Just a single flame in the wrong place and at the wrong time can quickly turn into a blazing inferno. Anger, too, hidden deep in the heart can work the same way. When hurt, injustice, fear or frustration smolder followed by the dry, hot winds of disappointment or stress, an angry inferno can quickly develop. If you find yourself losing your cool frequently, examine your heart to see if a deeper wound exists that gives rise to your anger. Fires of anger normally rise from …

Acts of Senseless Violence: What Causes Them and What Does God Have to Say?

Violence rises from a deep desire to seize control, satisfy needs, and solve problems through force, coercion, and destruction. Those who are violent presume that their deep inner needs will be fulfilled through violent actions. They erroneously believe, I have the right to use violence to do what I want or to get what I want. Using force makes me feel significant, important, and in charge.

The Silver Lining of Suicide

The most essential lifeline you can provide to a suicidal struggler is HOPE. Hope steadies and undergirds, as Scripture describes . . . "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure" (Hebrews 6:19 NIV 2011). The following acrostic contains pertinent information on how to respond effectively to someone with suicidal tendencies.

Mass Murder of Children at Christmas: New Phenomenon ... or Not?

Around the Christmas holiday, we picture silver bells, red balls and bright lights. We hear stories of a brilliant star, traveling wise men and angels serenading shepherds. But there is another Christmas story, most often ignored and forgotten, because it is a story of horror, cruelty, and violence.