Karen Farris

The High School Back-to-School Challenge

As students return to classes, let's realize this: our future doesn't rest only on the actions in the White House, but more on the actions of the generation sitting in the school house. Christians can be the influence that is needed. One student at a time.

Watch My Time

Benjamin Franklin once said, "You may delay, but time will not." So, when my watch battery stopped, I was reminded that time still continued. Let me make time for what's important.

Gone Too Soon

I was a new driver with Grandpa in the passenger seat. I signaled to pass a slow car. He sternly cautioned that I was now potentially endangering everyone on the road. As a cop, he'd seen far too many car accidents.

Do Not Disturb

It's easy to ignore the random people we see. But what do we miss? It could be a chance to learn something, help someone, or just extend kindness to a stranger.

Bygone Days of Polite Conversation, Niceties

In a time of fast-paced mean tweets and angry posts, it would be nice to recall the niceties of a bygone era. We could use more people like Alice who demanded ample decorum and no vulgarities in order to keep their seat at her table.

Abortion Is No Joke

Making a joke out of getting an abortion is particularly cruel. The life of the pre-born child is taken, and often the mother is wounded in ways that are nothing to laugh about.

Slow Days of Summer

Times change; traditions sometimes do as well. But when it comes to summer vacation at the grandparents, it's a tradition worth keeping.

Instagram's Latest Hook

Here's another phone app parents should know about. IGTV: Videos are created and posted in order to gain followers. What could possibly go wrong?

Independence Day: Freedom to Break Up?

July 4: One America. Many individuals. Many problems. One solution: Share our Founders' belief in being responsible citizens and having dependence on God, not government, to help solve our problems.

My Serving of Humble Pie

Pride goes before the fall. During the summer 40 years ago, I failed big time. But the lessons learned haven't failed to keep teaching me.

Help Those Close to Home

A wave of poverty is at the border of our nation, including innocent children. While I can't help those at the border, I can make a difference to the children stranded in poverty in my own community. Do what we can, and God will do what we can't.

The Real Father

Being a father isn't always easy, but we have a heavenly Father with unconditional love that helps make it possible.

Unlikely Friends

If one friend was totally unlike us maybe we'd learn to appreciate our differences and get along better in our world.

Remembering the Fallen

"A Gold Star family's greatest fear, that their Fallen will be forgotten." Years ago, I didn't know what a Gold Star Mom was. Now that I know, I'll never forget. How will you honor Memorial Day?

My Mother, My Friend

Mom didn't agree with all my decisions, but she loved me through them. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, grandmothers, aunts and others who mother in our world.