Melissa Barnhart

CP Reporter

Interview: Joel Osteen on Life, Tragedy and Why He Shuns 'Prosperity Gospel' Label

Joel Osteen, senior pastor of the 40,000-member Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, spoke with The Christian Post on Friday at Marlins Park baseball stadium in Miami, Fla. – one day before his scheduled America's Night of Hope event – to talk about his life in ministry, how to respond when bad things happen to good people, and why he doesn't like being grouped in with televangelists who preach the prosperity gospel.

Joel Osteen at Night of Hope Miami: Relinquish Control to God

Joel Osteen preached a message of hope and encouragement to the sold-out crowd of 37,000 who packed Miami's Marlins Park Saturday night to experience the fifth annual "America's Night of Hope" event that the megachurch pastor hosts to cast a wide net and introduce the Gospel of Jesus Christ to new believers.