Nicola Menzie

Christian Post Reporter

Baltimore Pastor Cautions Christians Against Labeling Young Looters as 'Thugs' or 'Animals;' Says They Could Be the Church's Future Apostle Pauls

As the rioting, looting, and burning of homes and businesses that erupted earlier this week threatened to overshadow the weeks-long peaceful protests that have been ongoing in Baltimore, the word "thug" began rolling off of lips and popping up on social media accounts, including on those belonging to some Christians shocked by the violent scenes playing out on TV networks like CNN. However, one Baltimore pastor, recalling the Apostle Paul's transition from the persecutor Saul, warned against simply condemning "rioters as unsalvageable thugs."

Baltimore Pastor of Diverse Church Located Just Blocks From Rioting Says White Christians Need to Acknowledge Systemic Racism

The pastor of a youthful and racially-diverse congregation located just a few blocks from the CVS pharmacy set on fire by rioters amid otherwise peaceful protests in Baltimore says it's time for white Christians to acknowledge the existence of systemic racism in America and to listen to those who are angry and hurting in order to help find meaningful solutions.

Agnostic Actor Playing Pontius Pilate in 'A.D. The Bible Continues' Says He Is a 'Big Fan of Jesus Christ'

Vincent Regan, whose extensive resume includes roles in more than a few historical and mythological blockbusters, appears in the new "A.D." series as Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who ordered Jesus' crucifixion. The stage and screen star, a former Roman Catholic who identifies as agnostic, breaks down his character and his views on Christ and explains why he is smitten with the pope.

A Box, Abandoned Babies and the Boy Who Got Saved, or How God Used a Broken Rich Kid From California to Preserve the Legacy of a Pastor in Korea

Brian Ivie, a 24-year-old filmmaker from Orange County, California, set out three years ago to South Korea to make the film to end all films. Fortunately for him, that didn't work out. Instead, he encountered the man he now calls his spiritual father — and became a curator of this man's powerful and profound story of sacrifice and love.