Peter Heck

Op-Ed Contributor

Yes, I am a Privileged Christian

Much has been made about the diversity workshop at George Washington University that will teach students and faculty to combat "Christian privilege" in our culture. As a Christian myself I'm acutely aware of how privileged I am. You want to know what privilege is? True privilege? It's that "while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

Anti-Christian Bigotry Surfacing in Republican Primaries

To say that the Republican Party has changed in recent years is to state the obvious. Once a comfortable home for Christ followers, there is an emerging strain of anti-Christian bigotry that continues to surface from party elites, fundraisers, as well as corporate and wealthy donors.

Atheist Group Unintentionally Glorifies God

I've always found it amazing how a man like Barker who has distinguished himself in the atheist community as rather unremarkable except for his claim to be a former Christian minister, doesn't understand Christianity at all.

Maybe God Was Right About Sex?

Roger Ailes, Anthony Weiner, and the three Bills – Cosby, Clinton and O'Reilly – are old news as the list of powerful men in America who stand accused or guilty of sexually abusing women continues to grow absurdly large, absurdly fast.

Dialogue Means Listening to Pence Too

It seems the height of intellectual inconsistency to spend weeks defending and applauding players who generate publicity for their cause by engaging in an action that is distracting and offensive to many people, but then turn around and cast reproach upon a Vice President generating publicity for his cause by engaging in an action that you found distracting and offensive.

If We're Tearing Down Statues, Let's Be Consistent

It is clear that toppling towers of dead men who once did bad things or thought bad things will be this era's thundering contribution to making the world a better place. In which case, the least I'd like to ask for is some intellectual consistency.

Pray for Pence; He May Be President Soon

The polar opposite of Donald Trump in every discernable way – policy convictions, demeanor, style, graciousness, thoughtfulness – Pence is in the midst of a whirlwind that conservatives (and all Americans) need him to emerge from in-tact.

No, It's Not Wise to Live With Your Boyfriend Before Marriage

There's a famous Dennis Miller rant in the romantic comedy What Happens in Vegas where the actor is playing a judge lecturing Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Disgusted by their flippant treatment of divorce laws, Miller unleashes: "Gay people aren't destroying the sanctity of marriage. You people are."

Would Jesus Scold Trump on Refugees?

If there is one thing that I am grateful to see coming from the Trump presidency, it has been the sudden renewed interest in applying Biblical principles to our country's moral and ethical dilemmas amongst so many on the progressive left.

John Pavlovitz: Affirm Truth, Not Homosexual Conduct

The recent story about Carrie Underwood and Jen Hatmaker affirming homosexual behavior has my head spinning. Admittedly, my emotions range freely between confusion and sorrow when I observe the way so many professing believers treat those caught up in the sin of homosexuality.