Rod Anderson

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Is Your Budget Too Tight to Tithe?

I'll never forget the moment my husband and I decided to change the way we tithed. He and I had both grown up in Christian homes and churches that taught that tithing should be strictly 10 percent of one's gross income.

A California Court Rules for Religious Freedom

In a decision being celebrated as a win for religious freedom advocates, a California judge ruled that a Christian baker who faced losing her business because she refuses to bake cakes for same-sex weddings cannot be compelled by the state to do so.

Can America's Christians Find a 'Third Way'?

There is no Democrat or Republican in the third way. It is directed by the relational concerns of the Savior. He is confessed as our Messiah, our Christ, for a reason. He is the believer's one and only King. The mirroring of his work is our chief concern. So what does that work look like when it comes to relating to others?

A New Declaration for Religious Liberty

Over 400 Muslim, Christian and Jewish leaders from all over the world affirmed on Wednesday a new declaration calling for the global protection of religious minorities and marginalized communities.

Are Virtual Churches the Future?

Virtual reality, which can easily allow churches to have global presence and foster diversity and inclusiveness, is far more enabling than live-streaming, which numerous megachurches are currently using to conduct multi-site worship services.

Nick Foles: From Superbowl to Seminary!

"I want to be a pastor in a high school," Nick Foles said at a news conference ahead of Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium where his team will face off with the vaunted New England Patriots on Sunday.

Is Your Leadership Mission Out of Control?

It's called echo chamber leadership. Properly defined, it's an environment in which leaders encourage and encounter only beliefs or opinions that match their own, so that their existing views are reinforced and alternative ideas and pushback are not considered

Google Home's Suspicious Gospel Gaffe

Google says it has now disabled all responses to questions about religious figures after coming under fire this week for not programming its smart audio technology, Google Home, to answer questions about Jesus Christ.

A Christian Response to the New High-Tech World

As artificial intelligence and emerging technology continue to develop at breakneck speed, Christians have no choice but to engage given the staggering implications it's already having for ministry and the broader culture, scholars say.

Is Your Ministry Stuck on the Hamster Wheel?

Like hamsters running on a wheel to nowhere youth leaders run the cycle of annual priorities (camp, curriculum, rally, curriculum, retreat, curriculum, repeat) without ever asking the question, "Are we getting anywhere?"

The Dissatisfied Modern Man

We live in a time of clashing worldviews. We live in a time of great corruption and uncertainty. We live in a time of great splendor, and beauty, and technological marvels and convenience. Yet suicide rates are on the rise

The Struggle of Being a Pastor

I have served the same small congregation for over seven years now. We did not grow exponentially and send out a dozen missionaries and pastors. We have grown. We have shrunk. We have grown again.