Audrey Barrick

Christian Post Reporter


  • Aaron Swartz Found Dead; Reddit Co-Founder Committed Suicide

    Aaron Swartz, one of the early builders of popular website Reddit, was found dead in New York on Friday. He was 26. Swartz committed suicide, apparently by hanging, his uncle, Michael Wolf, said. His girlfriend found his body.

  • Lions Hit With Snowballs at China Zoo Sparking Outrage

    Photos of lions being hit with snowballs by visitors at a zoo in China have sparked outrage. The some dozen visitors at Hangzhou Zoo went on to also pelt snowballs at other animals, including monkeys and tigers.

  • Elvis Presley Guitarist Dies After Battle With Cancer

    John Wilkinson, a guitarist who performed with Elvis Presley, died after a long battle with cancer on Friday at the age of 67.

  • 20-Year-Old 'Toddler' Stopped Growing at 4

    She's being described as the "20-year-old toddler" who hasn't grown for the past 15 years. Brooke Greenberg is said to be the only one in the world with her condition.

  • Professor Claims Newtown Shooting Was Likely Staged

    A professor from a Florida university speculates that the Newtown massacre may have been "constructed." In a series of blog posts since last month's shooting that left 28, including the gunman, dead in Connecticut, James Tracy lays out his case that there have been too many conflicting reports and ambiguity surrounding the massacre.

  • Church Consultant on the Quiet Issue of Pastors' Salaries

    A church consultant says that when it comes to pastors' salaries, the small minority of preachers who live lavishly should not be reason to underpay the other 400,000 pastors leading churches.

  • Lance Armstrong May Admit to Doping During Career

    Lance Armstrong May Admit to Doping During Career

    Lance Armstrong, who was banned from professional cycling for doping, may admit to the public that he used performance-enhancing drugs and blood transfusions during his career. Armstrong's possible admission was reported Friday by The New York Times.

  • Plane Crash in Florida Kills 3

    A plane crash in Florida has killed three people. The private plane was on its way to Knoxville when it hit a house.

  • Friend of India Gang-Rape Victim on Attack: 'Even Animals Don't Behave Like That'

    A week after the death of a young woman who died after being gang-raped in India, her male friend disclosed details to the media of what happened the night of the "brutal" attack.

  • Viral Photo: Baby Grabs Doctor's Finger While in Womb

    Viral Photo: Baby Grabs Doctor's Finger While in Womb

    A viral photo shows a baby's hand reaching out of her mother's womb and grabbing the doctor's finger. During a Caesarean section the doctor called the father over to inform him that the yet to be born baby was grabbing his hand. That's when Randy, the father, took a photo.