Carl R. Trueman

Carl R. Trueman

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  • Is God a therapist?

    Is God a therapist?

    This is no childish God but a mysterious and terrifying one, and our worship should reflect that fact. As the Church’s leaders must learn great theology, so must they lead the people into the same via the prayers, the hymns and the proclamation of God in word and sacrament.

  • Why pro-abortion activists desecrate churches

    Why pro-abortion activists desecrate churches

    The church service is not simply a convenient place to intimidate pro-life campaigners. To attack a worship service is not simply to annoy the participants. It is to profane the sacred. It is to enact that which abortion itself represents.

  • Rowan Williams and our sentimental age

    Rowan Williams and our sentimental age

    In the face of the trans moment, Williams seems to have abandoned serious thought for sentiment. Learned he may be, but the letter to Boris Johnson reads as little more than the death notice of a once great mind.

  • What a tangled web

    What a tangled web

    We have no shared moral vision and hence we default to the experts — the biologists and the medical professionals — abdicating our responsibility to their technical expertise. Yet this approach does not give us an adequate view of reality.

  • Liturgy of the powers

    Liturgy of the powers

    Like the idea that pornography liberates women, transgender theory is arguably one of the most effective male confidence tricks in recent history: Nothing that women can lay claim to as women is now off-limits for men.

  • When evil is called good

    When evil is called good

    In short, there is a clear push to grant LGBTQ+ ideology a favored legal and cultural status that enforces it without compromise. It also labels any and all dissent as morally evil. You don’t have to be an Old Testament prophet to see where this is all heading, or at least where those in power hope it is heading.

  • A society ashamed of shame

    A society ashamed of shame

    A sense of shame is nothing of which to be ashamed. Shame and modesty are not in principle oppressive. On the contrary, they are the means by which children learn to grow up, and to handle their emergence as sexual beings with responsibility.

  • Playboy makes perversion woke

    Playboy makes perversion woke

    The fate of Hefner’s reputation, like the success of his career, speaks eloquently about the state of America and perhaps the West as a whole. Self-indulgent to a tee, the only morality it knows is that which chimes with whatever the tastes of the moment happen to be, whatever works, whatever makes money.

  • Why preaching is central to priesthood

    Why preaching is central to priesthood

    Preaching lays claim to that power of language but does so with the authority of God behind it. It is thus an assertion of reality, a reminder of God’s sovereignty and our dependence upon Him, a demonstration that He is great and we are but dust in the wind.

  • The strange fate of 'Hamilton' and 'Harry Potter'

    The strange fate of 'Hamilton' and 'Harry Potter'

    Years ago, when teaching at seminary, I used to tell the students that moral relevance in the modern world was a cruel and fickle mistress. However much Christians accommodated themselves to her demands, sooner or later she would want more. Christian morality and the morality of the world simply could not be reconciled in the long term.