Carmen Fowler LaBerge

CP Op-Ed Contributor


  • Why do we fear death?

    Death cometh. We all know it and yet it still shocks us to hear of it.  Why is that? 

  • Are you waiting for the world to end?

    This true story is stranger than fiction. Everyone assumed the man lived alone on the Dutch farm near the canal. No one knew he was keeping his family in the cellar, waiting for the world to end.

  • Are we saving the earth for children or from them?

    People are the problem. Well, prospective people. That was the message from Bernie Sanders and others at CNN’s Climate Town Hall. There are too many people. How to solve the problem? Kill off the children of the poor before they’re even born.

  • Royal family and the spiritual commitment of baptism

    British royalty are not only sovereigns of state, they govern the Church of England. Royals are married in the Church and royal infants in the Windsor line of succession, which now includes Archie, are all baptized by the Church – without consideration as to the espoused or practiced faith of those involved

  • What you need to know today about the Hyde Amendment

    The Hyde Amendment – which bans federal tax dollars from paying for abortions – is back in the news following the announcement by Democrat candidate for President, former Vice President Joe Biden, announced he no longer supports it. 

  • The honor of marriage, the Conways and Trump

    The institution of marriage as an essential building block of civil society is under cultural assault. No, I’m not talking about adultery, divorce rates nor same sex marriage. I’m talking about the marriage of George and Kellyanne Conway.  

  • Lent: 40 days of discipline and discipleship

    If we claim to be the disciples of Jesus Christ we must submit to his discipline in our lives. We must submit our will to His will, come under his tutelage, becoming like Him. That is what discipline means: the submission of one will to another.

  • New York’s new abortion law and child sacrifice

    Moloch was the false god of the Canaanites who required child sacrifice. He’s got a new altar in New York, he’s got worshipers and he’s doing business as Autonomy and Choice.

  • No, Seth Godin, Christians aren't asserting anthropomorphism but imago deism

    Seth Godin is a blogger, author, speaker and – to use a term with which I am not entirely comfortable – guru. People hang on his every word. So, what did Seth Godin say Tuesday?

  • How to Lead and Love in the Face of Animosity

    Leadership is lonely business and Christian leaders must stand and speak truth and engage the mania of our current cultural moment with the confidence that we are not alone even when, to all the world, it sure looks like we're all alone.