Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson

Christian Post Guest Columnist


  • What Has God to Do With It?

    What Has God to Do With It?

    Heaven help us, literally, if Americans truly forget where their rights and freedoms come from.

  • Killing Your Neighbor's Cow – Income Inequality

    An old Russian joke tells about a poor peasant whose better-off neighbor has just gotten a cow. In his anguish, the peasant cries out to God for relief from his distress. When God replies and asks him what he wants him to do, the peasant replies, “Kill the cow.”

  • Win-Win-Win


    A few weeks ago, a law went into effect in Ohio that will save the Buckeye state millions of dollars and also, as Governor Kasich put it, “literally will save thousands of lives.”

  • Second Chances: Reducing Divorce

    Second Chances: Reducing Divorce

    Most people believe that divorce is the result of long-term marital strife, but this turns out to be false.

  • Incompatible With Life?

    Incompatible With Life?

    As pre-natal technology improves, parents are coming face to face with life and death choices unimaginable just a few years ago. Is the Church ready to help them?

  • Transgendered Girl Scouts

    Transgendered Girl Scouts

    If there is no created moral order, well, go sign your sons up for Girl Scouts.

  • 'Christian Not Welcome' Sign in Public Square

    'Christian Not Welcome' Sign in Public Square

    Discussions about the most contentious issues, and even some not-so-contentious ones, are routinely labeled “debates.” For instance, there’s the “debate” over abortion, the “debate” over so-called same-sex “marriage,” and even the debate over who should be playing quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

  • Going Along With Popular Opinion

    Going Along With Popular Opinion

    Why do people go along with the crowd, even when they know it's wrong?

  • Generation Limbo

    Generation Limbo

    The economic crisis facing the Millennial Generation may well be an opportunity for the Church.

  • The Meaning of Marriage

    The Meaning of Marriage

    It should be an open and shut case. Study after study shows the beneficial effects of marriage and the self-inflicted harm that people experience when they ignore this evidence