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  • Taking Woodstock - 2 Stars

    Taking Woodstock - 2 Stars

    Woodstock, the infamous music festival that symbolized the youth culture of the 1960's, has taken on an iconic history of mythical proportions.

  • Slumdog Millionaire

    Written as a novel by Vikas Swarup and translated to film by co-directors Danny Boyle (Trainspotting and Millions) and Loveleen Tandan (Monsoon Wedding), \"Slumdog Millionaire\" is a story told well.

  • Quantum of Solace

    \"Quantum of Solace\" is the twenty-second film within the James Bond series. For those who enjoy action it is a worthy new chapter. For everyone else it will be a disappointment.

  • The Secret Life of Bees

    A fantasy which weaves together romance with injustice, improbability with tragedy and abuse with hope, Gina Prince Blythe-Wood\'s adaptation of Sue Monk Kidd\'s novel is a delight.

  • The Black Balloon

    Living in the shadow of an exceptional sibling is difficult. Whether that sibling is an exceptional athlete, student, musician or whether they are mentally or physically handicapped, much of the family time and attention is focused on them.

  • Happy-Go-Lucky

    Finding happiness in an empty life is difficult. Built for significance, each person struggles with the mundane nature of life in unique ways. Some live in solitude hoping to find what they long for from within.

  • Changeling

    The true story of the abduction of Christine Collins\' son is powerfully told by Clint Eastwood in his newest film \"Changeling.\" With the eye of a master filmmaker, Eastwood uses this disturbing event and the corruption it exposed in the Los Angeles Police Department early in the 20th century to remind us that evil can reside in all areas of society. But if persons of faith and courage stand up to such evil, it can be defeated.

  • A Letter to Dad

    The domino effect of fathers harming their sons who then grow to be fathers who harm their sons who then grow to harm their sons is a sad reality that is far too common. Such adults who have difficulty expressing love because of the emptiness and bitterness in their own father relationships need supernatural help. This truth is expressed in the SkipStone film \"A Letter to Dad.

  • High School Musical 3

    For anyone who longs for the good ol\' days of Hollywood, \"High School Musical 3\" is a kickback to another era.

  • Eagle Eye

    When Jerry receives a phone call on the day of Ethan\'s funeral he enters into a world controlled by Eagle Eye. With a cold practicality that fits her programming to protect America, Eagle Eye is a massive computer that has access to every cell phone, every security camera, every electric device and is listening in on every conversation. Taking over Jerry\'s life and compelling him to do things that are not only dangerous but seemingly impossible, Eagle Eye has a plan to save America, even if