Cinema In Focus

Christian Post Guest Columnist


  • The Sensation of Sight

    Senseless tragedy can throw any person into despair. But when the person feels in some way responsible for the event, the despair can become debilitating.

  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua

    In spite of its shortcomings, it is a film about the importance of friendship and love in a world where those we love can fall into danger and need our help.

  • Body of Lies

    The multilayered tale of Ridley Scott\'s \"Body of Lies\" is overwhelmed by the violence in the film. Like in his films \"Black Hawk Down\" and \"Gladiator,\" Scott demonstrates his skill to present violent stories with such realism that the violence can cause the viewer to withdraw emotionally. This weakens what is actually a suspenseful story with complex characters who could have otherwise been more emotionally engaging.

  • Religulous

    There is a saying among Christians that you can tell the spiritual maturity of a person more by the genuineness of their laugh than the piousness of their prayer. Taking ourselves and our religious efforts lightly, mature Christians focus not so much on ourselves or our religion as on Jesus himself.

  • Bob Dylan's Jesus Years Busy Being Born … Again!

    The iconoclastic nature of Bob Dylan\'s life makes it difficult if not impossible to label him. As an artist, his deepened sense of our spiritual, social and political longings permeates his music and his life.

  • Righteous Kill

    The fact that more police do not lose their moral footing is an amazing thing. Having to put their own lives in harm\'s way in order to protect us, police officers have to immerse themselves in the underside of humanity with all the stench that such a place emits.

  • The Women

    Applying the familiar formulae of four female friends sharing life, Diane English both writes and directs \"The Women.\" As a writer for the television series \"Murphy Brown,\" this is the first feature film either directed or written by English and it is based on a play by Clare Boothe Luce.

  • Traitor

    In every generation, there is a battle waged for the hearts and minds of the citizens of the world.

  • Burn After Reading

    The quirky artistic style of Ethan and Joel Coen is not for everyone. But our objection to \"Burn After Reading\" is not based on the unusual style of their filmmaking but on the emptiness and profanity of their moral messages.

  • The Case For Faith

    The visual presentation of Lee Strobel\'s book \"The Case For Faith\" is compelling. As a follow-up volume from his first book, The Case For Christ, the award-winning journalist applies his investigative skills once again to the questions of Christian beliefs by taking on the doubts that inevitably plague the thoughtful believer.