John Stonestreet

John Stonestreet

Op-ed contributor

John Stonestreet is the President of the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and co-host with Eric Metaxas of Breakpoint, the Christian worldview radio program founded by the late Chuck Colson. He is co-author of A Practical Guide to CultureA Student's Guide to Culture and Restoring All Things.


  • What is radical monogamy?

    What is radical monogamy?

    Every once in a while, someone who doesn’t profess Christianity will stumble upon some sort of natural or moral law that Christians have professed for centuries.

  • What are women for?

    What are women for?

    At times, roles that men and women fill have been prioritized over the goodness of their God-given design. More often, roles have been conflated with design.

  • Passing on the faith: Good news and bad news

    Passing on the faith: Good news and bad news

    One clear lesson is how seriously parents must take their role as disciple-makers. It’s a common instinct to lean away from spiritual conversations, especially with teens and young adults who seem to have grown uninterested or annoyed by them.

  • Erasing women

    Erasing women

    The contrast between Metaxas’ celebration of women as women and the transgender movement’s aggressive decree that any woman who does something stereotypically male must therefore be a man is profound. 

  • Kids are given to parents, not the state

    Kids are given to parents, not the state

    Parenthood intrinsically commits Christians to follow Jesus, to be thoughtful and self-sacrificing, to live virtuously and teach kids to do the same, to bring them up in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

  • Aslan and the path of faithful pain

    Aslan and the path of faithful pain

    To deny that God could or would use discomfort for our good is to deny that He is present in our pain. He is. Just as, in His quest to restore the glory of His creation, He did not shrink back from inflicting pain on His dear Son, His love for His people often includes a level of discomfort and pain.

  • Gratitude is good for you

    Gratitude is good for you

    God deserves our final gratitude…not the universe or the government or our “inner light.” Even the good gifts of other people’s time and help and love point, ultimately, to God. And, of course, God doesn’t owe us any of these good gifts, nor could we ever deserve them.

  • Abortion is not necessary for female athletes to succeed

    Abortion is not necessary for female athletes to succeed

    When a sports league pressures women to violently inhibit their body’s natural functioning, it ceases to be a women’s league at all. Instead, it becomes a pretend-men’s sports league which encourages women to compete as long as they aren’t too much like women.

  • Leaving church

    Leaving church

    As the wider culture fractures in a million ways, the Church should look different. When it doesn’t, our witness suffers. Leaving churches over politically charged disagreements, without taking the time to explore the motive, practices, and beliefs behind them is just not biblically permissible.

  • Christian schools should be thoroughly Christian

    Christian schools should be thoroughly Christian

    Simply put, any school wishing to be Christian must be thoroughly Christian: in purpose, content, curriculum, aim, and personnel. This is no easy task. In fact, to be a Christian educator is, to paraphrase Dr. John Stackhouse, “more than twice as hard.”