Ken Connor

CP Contributor


  • Infertility and Selective Abortion: Steering a Course Between Scylla and Charybdis

    Infertility and Selective Abortion: Steering a Course Between Scylla and Charybdis

    A couple with no children became parents of five thanks to the miracle of modern science, but then they chose to correct this technological "glitch" by aborting three of their babies to arrive at a more manageable figure. Prudence reassures this woman that her decision was medically sound, but would she also maintain that it was ethically sound?

  • Can the Islamic Faith Tolerate Criticism?

    Can the Islamic Faith Tolerate Criticism?

    The violent response to an anti-Muslim movie has cast the subject of religious tolerance into the limelight. Is Islam a religion that can tolerate criticism? Can Muslims bear up gracefully when their religion is insulted?

  • Muslims Misbehaving

    Muslims Misbehaving

    I am certain I speak for many Americans when I say that I can't help feeling a bit skeptical about Islam's supposedly "peaceful" nature. If, as the Good Book tells us, "By their fruits you shall know them," then what do the seemingly endless riots, protests, mobs, and murders tell us about this religion?

  • The Ayes Have It ... or Do They?

    Prominent Democrats have tried to assure the voting public that the omission of "God" and "Jerusalem" and the vote to reinsert them were no big deal, but this begs the question: Who decided that these two little words needed to be removed when they had been part of the Democrats' platform for years, and why was the platform amended to reinsert them if their removal was inconsequential?

  • Pounding the Table About Abortion

    The fact is, no one really likes talking about abortion, even those who are in favor of the practice. You hear plenty of vague references to the profound importance of a woman's "right to choose", but most advocates of this "choice" prefer to maintain a 30,000 foot view of the issue, where pesky moral and ethical questions are easily deflected by grandiose rhetoric designed to appeal to feminists and their sexual consorts who wish to abdicate any responsibility for the consequences of their act

  • Words Matter. Truth Counts.

    Or do they in the postmodern age in which we live? We have widely diverging views of what is true, so we can't agree on which words to use in describing the truth or even the meaning of the words that are used.

  • Propping Up Corporate America

    Conservatives are quick to criticize public welfare for the poor. But they should be no less vehement in their opposition to corporate welfare, a form of welfare that is running rampant while the taxpayers of our country are dying a slow death of a thousand payouts.

  • Let's See You Prove Otherwise

    This guilty-until-proven-innocent approach is the new go-to move in today's politics of the 24-hour news cycle. No matter how potentially effective his political "strategy," Reid undermines his office by putting forth these accusations without providing proof.

  • Is Liberal Christianity Worth Saving?

    Liberal Christianity embraces a series of denials: Christ is not divine, mankind is not inherently sinful, the Scriptures are not authoritative and unchanging, heaven and hell are not literal, morality and theology are not absolute, and social mores do not flow from Scripture, but are an ever-changing product of our evolutionary enlightenment. All of these beliefs allow liberal Christians to be more "comfortable" in the culture around them.

  • Diminishing the Disabled

    The results of a recent survey of parents of children with disabilities ran cross-grain to the mentality that characterizes our society's culture of death. The majority said that caring for their child has enriched their lives.