Ken Connor

CP Contributor


  • Subsidizing the Slaughter of Innocents

    Subsidizing the Slaughter of Innocents

    The reality is that abortion is big business for Planned Parenthood, and Uncle Sam continues to be a complicit financier of the organization's ghoulish practices.

  • A Light in Dark Times

    A Light in Dark Times

    Every year the week before Christmas, St. Peter's Church in Purcellville, VA hosts a "Blue Christmas" service. The aim is to offer a message of hope and comfort to those who might not be feeling so holly jolly during the holidays. Joseph and Mary no doubt felt this way as they found themselves preparing for the birth of their son in a cold barn on the road to Jerusalem.

  • Please Enter and Exit through the Revolving Door

    Please Enter and Exit through the Revolving Door

    If you are the average Joe or Jane, chances are you feel your government doesn't pay much attention to you – and you're probably right. There's an easy way to solve this attention deficit problem, however: Contribute big bucks to your office holder's campaign.

  • Killing Them Softly?

    Killing Them Softly?

    For a glimpse of what to expect from government-controlled healthcare, we need only look across the pond to our British cousins. The gruesome practices being uncovered in Britain's medical system are the inevitable result of placing government bureaucrats in charge of health care decisions.

  • Restoring the Foundations of Civil Society

    Restoring the Foundations of Civil Society

    In the wake of President Obama's decisive reelection, the GOP is engaged in some serious soul-searching. Pundits on the Right and Left are cautioning Republicans that their party is facing extinction unless some major changes are made. They maintain it's evolve or die for the GOP. The question is, how much can an institution change without losing its identity? If "change" for the Republican Party means ceasing to stand for the conservative principles that have defined it since the time of Abraha

  • Romney in Retrospect

    Romney in Retrospect

    One thing is certain. Neither Mr. Romney nor the Republican Party ever made the case for the sanctity of life or marriage in this election season. Sure, they mouthed their opposition to abortion and their support for traditional marriage, but they never really made their case to the American people as to why these issues are so critical to the health and prosperity of our nation.

  • Benghazi Baloney

    Benghazi Baloney

    The mystery surrounding the 9/11 terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi continues to deepen. One of the more recent revelations in the ever unfolding story about the attack involves the suspicious departure of General Carter Ham, commander of AFRICOM.

  • Vote Your Vision

    Vote Your Vision

    Much of the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren will be determined by the vision of the man who leads our country through the next four years. As the President has said, the competing visions couldn't be clearer. You should think long and hard about what you want the legacy for your children to be, and then be sure to get out and vote.

  • Rationing and Redefining Personhood

    Rationing and Redefining Personhood

    Government-led rationing of health care inevitably invokes utilitarian criteria which cut against the sick and dying. When couched in purely economic terms, the elderly, the handicapped, and the terminally ill are "resource hogs" whose useful life is over and who now cost more to maintain than they produce. They are "takers" and not "makers." This attitude utterly rejects the sanctity-of-life ethic that has long prevailed in this country

  • The Silence of American Feminists Is Deafening

    The Silence of American Feminists Is Deafening

    The airwaves are clogged and mailboxes stuffed with the message that the crusty old white men who comprise the GOP are engaged in a "war on women." Their goal? To blast American women back into the Stone Age by refusing to subsidize their birth control and their abortions.