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10 Great Things to Know About Joshua!

10 Great Things to Know About Joshua!

"Moses and the Messengers from Canaan," Giovanni Lanfranco (Italian, 1582 - 1647) | (Photo: Public Domain)

Joshua was a tough-as-nails, brick-smashing man of God. It's easy to remember God said, "be strong and courageous" to Joshua a bunch, but beyond that most folks might not even know who he was.

He lived a life of highest highs and lowest lows and miracles and majesty. Here are TEN things you need to know (plus a free bonus with proof of purchase!).

1. Born a slave in Egypt

Me: "Josh! What does your daddy do?"
Josh: "He's a slave."
Me: "What about your grandad?"
Josh: "Just stop and let me save us both some time. For as long as ANYONE in my family can remember, we've been slaves…for at least 400 hundred years. So our identity, our occupation, our history is simple. We are slaves. End of story."

2. Eyewitness of the 10 plagues of Egypt, crossed the Red Sea on dry land, was there when the Egyptian army was covered up by the sea

Been to the IMAX lately? Joshua would yawn.

3. Of the 12 sent to scout the Promised Land, only he and Caleb brought a faithful report of God's goodness.

Joshua and Caleb stood alone against all the naysayers.

4. Wandered in the wilderness for 40 years until all of Israel who rebelled against God died

Seriously? Joshua did nothing wrong! Pretty much EVERYONE else did! And HE had to wait 40 LONG YEARS to receive God's Promised Land. That's not fair! But Joshua was faithful.

5. Ate manna from God every day in the wilderness

Have you ever had a miracle meal from God?

6. Was led by a pillar of cloud by day to guide them and pillar of fire at night to give them light

Tell Joshua again how great the IMAX is …

7. Moses' right-hand man, his assistant from his youth (I'm thinking from junior high),

He was chosen to assist the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth up to that time.

8. Great warrior

While Moses took them OUT of Egypt, Joshua took them INTO the Promised Land against all odds.

9. Saw the walls of Jericho fall down flat

Because he and the Israelites marched around it.

10. Joshua led Israel into the land God promised

Joshua was the man to lead the Israelites 600-700 YEARS after God's promise to Abraham.

BONUS: Joshua is the Old Testament word for the Hebrew name meaning "Jehovah saves." Know what the New Testament word for the Greek translation of "Jehovah saves" is? Jesus. Joshua and Jesus: same name.


1. Joshua started life as a slave

2. Was freed from slavery

3. Ended life a conqueror in the Promised Land

4. All. Because. Of. God.

In the same way, we:

1. Start out life as slaves to sin

2. Can be freed from slavery to sin by Christ

3. Can end life as conquerors (in Christ) and enter the Promised Land (heaven)

4. All. Because. Of. God.


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