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10 reactions to Trump's border security address to the nation

10 reactions to Trump's border security address to the nation


David Beckmann, president of Bread for the World

David Beckmann, who heads the nonpartisan U.S.-based Christian movement aimed at ending hunger, said in a statement that the Trump administration’s border policies are threatening communities on both sides of the southern border and are wasting “taxpayer funds that could be invested in programs that help people experiencing hunger.”

“We call on Congress and the Administration to immediately reopen the government and address the root causes of migration, which are causing families to flee their home countries and seek asylum at the southern border,” Beckmann’s statement reads.

Beckmann asserted that the partial government shutdown is “harming working families and putting at risk millions of Americans who rely on food assistance programs to feed their families.”

“It also threatens the progress we are making with development assistance, including help for the countries from which most undocumented immigrants are fleeing,” he concluded.


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