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4 reasons why many Christians don't go to church

4 reasons why many Christians don't go to church


(Photo: Unsplash/Joseph Pearson) | (Photo: Unsplash/Joseph Pearson)

Packiam noted that the consumerism of modern American Christianity may be impacting church attendance, as many Christians struggle with the many options for worship that are out there.

Those who don't attend have cited such reasons as not having found a church they like or sermons they agree with.

"It didn't used to be like that," he explained. "It was 'this is the neighborhood and we're Lutherans, and there's the Lutheran church and we're going.'"

"Maybe, in some ways, the multitude of options has played into that American consumeristic notion that 'you're the one in charge. The consumer is king.' And so now we've got options and one of those options is not going."

Arndt noted, "I think of all the U.S. churches that I have been to over the years where, you know, the closing words spoken at the service are not the great words of blessing that we get in the Scriptures, but it will be something like 'thank you for choosing to worship with us this weekend,' which is a little like 'thank you for flying Southwest.' Something is lost in that."

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