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5 Commercials That Stuck Out During Super Bowl 52

5 Commercials That Stuck Out During Super Bowl 52

The logo of T-Mobile Austria is seen outside of one of its shops in Vienna, Austria, February 25, 2016. | (Photo: Reuters/Leonhard Foeger)

T-Mobile goes political: "Change starts now, are you with us?"

Telecommunications company T-Mobile opted not to go for the humorous route, putting out a serious commercial utilizing infants and overtly political messages.

In the ad, the camera pans across close-ups of a row of babies from many races as actress Kerry Washington, best known for ABC's "Scandal," gives them advice, asserting that the young kids know instinctively that they are all equal.

"You'll love who you want," Washington continued, as the camera focused on a black baby boy.

"You'll demand fair and equal pay," she said, as the lens hovered over a white baby girl.

The commercial ended by calling the babies to engage in activism: "You will be heard, not dismissed. You will be connected, not alone. Change starts now. Are you with us? T-Mobile."

T-Mobile CEO John Legere noted that his company chose a politically-themed ad because of the current political climate.

"Change is in the air. And, this moment in history calls for something different. Something more impactful. Something more meaningful," he explained in a statement regarding the ad.

People from all walks of life are having "a more important conversation" this year, he said, given the events in culture, so they decided to go "baby small" with this ad.

"We wanted to use our airtime to further that conversation by making this simple point: We all started in the same place. We are more alike than different."

"If there's one thing I've learned in my five-plus years at T-Mobile, it's that change doesn't just happen. Change is hard. It requires focus and persistence and constant, unrelenting action. It requires people to join together ... and work!"

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