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5 Things Christians Should Consider When Living in the Modern Economy

5 Things Christians Should Consider When Living in the Modern Economy

People are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the picture of various currencies of money in this illustration taken April 4, 2016. | (Photo: Reuters/Kacper Pempel/Illustration)

Understanding what the Bible says about finances will help Christians to better adapt to the modern economy and use it according to God's plan, a Christian economy writer says.

Dale Arand, a Christian theology and economics writer, laid out five reasons why Christians should care about economics in a recent post for

By understanding and following what the Bible says about economics, Christians can better live in the modern economy and not be misled by immoral money practices, Arand writes.

The first important guideline for approaching the economy as a Christian includes the practice of good stewardship, because our role as being good stewards affects all areas of life, including finances.

"[…] how we make our money is important because, if we gain wealth at the expense of others rather than produce wealth, we take what God has given to others to steward and thus deprive them of that opportunity," Arand writes.

Another guideline is using the economy to defend the defenseless and fight off wickedness through good money practices.

"Understanding economics helps us uncover wicked practices in an economy that is, by design, complex and non-transparent. Further motivation to study economics comes from knowing God's heart to defend the poor and his determination to judge their oppressors," the financial expert writes.

Having a good grasp on how the economy works can also help Christians avoid the danger of legalized theft, as seen through the 2008 financial crisis, when people were victims of dishonest money practices, including unstable loans.

"[…] when government fails to properly restrain evil in financial markets, wealth is transferred by deceptive or fraudulent practices simply because people can do so without consequences. Quite the contrary, they often can expect the government to bail them out," Arand writes, adding that knowledge of the economy can help a Christian avoid participating in such unrestrained financial evil.

We also must understand the economy so we can help future generations prosper without the threat of debt, Arand continues.

Lastly, we as Christians must fight to keep ourselves pure in the often corrupt and treacherous nature of modern finances.

"Our economic system encourages covetousness and scoffs at contentment. It rewards debtors and punishes savers. It implements immoral wealth transfers. It enables one generation to live beyond its means and pass the bill to the next," Arand writes. "Whatever cost, inconvenience, or trial we encounter because we choose to live by biblical economic principles cannot compare to the immeasurable joy that belongs to us who, because we are followers of Jesus, steward our time and money wisely."


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