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Abortion Caravan to Tour Canada in Campaign to End 'Disturbing' Practice

An anti-abortion group, the Canadian Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, is starting a major nationwide campaign on May 29 by traveling across the country to convince citizens that it is time Canada stood up once more for the rights of the pre-born.

"Our goal is to save children from abortion and change people's minds so that we can end the killing in our lifetime," said CCBR spokesperson and executive director Stephanie Gray in a phone interview with The Christian Post. "We come from the perspective that injustice that is invisible is tolerable, so we can argue that Canadians and Americans and the world have largely tolerated abortion because it is such a hidden act. Coming from the premise that if we can make it visible, it will become intolerable, and we want to achieve our goals of ending the killing with this project."

Gray said the organization is very confident it can succeed in its mission to have laws protecting life reinstated in Canada.

"We are an educational institution and do not work politically, although we certainly believe there needs to be pro-life laws again – there is a new group called 'We Need a Law' and another group is 'Campaign Life Coalition.' We are hoping that by educating Canadians, such as through our caravan, we are really setting the stage for these two political organizations to be able to make political changes in an effort to change public policy," she explained.

The CCBR hosts educational classes to expose how detrimental abortion can be for the mother and the tens of thousands of unborn children killed every year.

"We have taken the sacred cow of Canada's abortion rights movement and are using it to advance the cause for pre-born children," Gray elaborated in a press release. The caravan, described as "box-bodied trucks with 7-foot tall and 22-foot wide posters of aborted children," starts its tour in Vancouver, and will travel all across Canada's provinces, until it reaches the capital, Ottawa, on Canada Day, July 1.

"The New Caravan," as the campaign is called, is a response to the 1970 Abortion Caravan that also traveled across the country, but with a pro-abortion mission – it campaigned about a woman's right to choose, and showed the dangerous results of women performing abortions on themselves as a way to doge laws prohibiting the practice.

Eighteen years after the 1970 movement, Canada abolished pro-life laws and assured that abortions are paid for with Canadian taxes, through all nine months of pregnancy. Today, Canada remains one of the few nations in the world without legal restrictions on abortion, although practices and regulations vary between its provinces.

In a March 2010 poll, Canadians largely said they are in favor of the practice, with 52 percent stating that they were pro-abortion, while only 27 percent said they were pro-life. The remaining respondents either did not answer or remained neutral.

According to CCBR's statistics, 100,000 unborn babies are aborted yearly in Canada.

Comprised of more than 20 adults ranging in age from 19-36, the group has documented the journey of the original 1970 Abortion Caravan in a video, but also has shown how its new caravan will seek to reverse the trend of pro-abortion laws in the country.

Organizers of the New Abortion Caravan project hope that if they are successful in changing the hearts and minds of Canadians by exposing ghastly images of the unborn victims, they will also be able to change existing laws within 18 years.

Defending the groups' use of graphic images, Gray has stated: "The pictures of abortion are shocking because abortion is shocking. The images are disturbing because killing a child is a disturbing thing."

"Last year, we announced our new 'EndtheKilling' plan to eradicate abortion from our country in our lifetime. We have given ourselves an 18-year deadline to achieve justice for the pre-born. Our journey will begin with how the opposition began: With a caravan. They did graphic, bloody dramatizations of illegal abortions. We will demonstrate with graphic, bloody images showing the reality of all abortions," Gray added in the press release.

The CCBR executive director insisted that women in crisis do not need to resort to abortion to solve their problems.

"Abortion doesn't make a poor woman rich," she said. "Nor does it unrape the rape victim. And it certainly doesn't turn the frog of a boyfriend into a prince. So if we truly want to help women, we need to eliminate a woman's crisis, not exterminate a woman's child."

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