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ABC highlights contestant's Christian testimony during episode of 'The Bachelorette'

ABC highlights contestant's Christian testimony during episode of 'The Bachelorette'

'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown and Luke P andt the Sex Talk That Changes Everything, 2019 | YouTube/Screenshot

On the latest episode of ABC's “The Bachelorette,” Luke P shared his Christian testimony as he gave Hannah B a glimpse into his life back home.

The show premiered May 13 and among the 30 men who hope to find love and propose to the bachelorette by the season finale was Luke P (Luke Parker). His charm gained favor with Hannah B early on, and he was given the first impression rose in episode one. Again she crowned him “Mr. Right” on the second episode (May 20), and in episode 6 she also named him, “best kiss.”

According to the promotional clip for next week's episode, however, Hannah B appears to send Luke P home after they have a “sex” chat where he shares that he would want to go home if she slept with any of the other contestants.

On Monday's “Home Towns” episode, Luke P took Hannah B to a pre-church Sunday school meeting.

While at the Sunday School meeting the contestant told those in attendance that he learned how powerful it is to share one's struggles with one another. Luke P then proceeded to share his testimony.

The Georgia native revealed that he spent his time partying and drinking in high school and his college days were filled with “chasing sex and entangled and caught up in sin of all kinds.” Until one day while in the shower, he broke down.

“I remember feeling like I had all this weight on me and I remember bawling my eyes out and feeling God talk to me and hearing him say, ‘Luke, let go and follow me,’” Luke P is heard sharing with the young people in attendance. 

“I remember feeling like this huge weight had been lifted off of me,” he continued. 

The 24-year-old recalled seeing a hole open up above his head and the vision caused him to focus on eternity. 

“I could see a glimpse, and see into Heaven and I remember thinking to myself, ‘this is where I need my focus, this is where I need to be thinking of and nothing else,” Luke P declared.

“The Holy Spirit coming and convicting me, that is why I am the man I am today,” he added.

He ended his testimonial with advice for all of the young people listening. 

“Anything that you look at as negative in your life, I want you to know that God is going to use that for positive,” Luke P testified. 

“It’s cool to see that Luke really lives his faith,” Hannah B says during a confessional that played after their visit with his church family.

Since his transformation, the Christian contestant said he would only date someone he’s looking to marry. Luke P joined the mainstream show because he was intrigued by Hannah B’s faith and is really focused on finding the right woman and starting a family of his own.

Most of the men who are likewise fighting for their chance with the bachelorette labeled the outspoken Christian the “villain” of the season because of his boldness.  

According to the Gainesville Times, Luke P is a member at Christ Place Church. He has taught Sunday school, is part of a small group and regularly volunteers with the college ministry in his church.

The contestant is also reportedly participating in a study of Hebrews with the church while away on the show.


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