'Bible Code' Predicts a Donald Trump Victory? Christian Apologist Is Skeptical

Donald Trump
Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks on stage during a campaign rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia, August 20, 2016. |

A rabbi in Israel is claiming to have found codes within the Old Testament predicting that Republican nominee Donald J. Trump will win the presidential election next week.

In two videos posted to YouTube in July and October, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson has claimed that characters within the Hebrew Bible predict a Trump victory.

"The first table was published on July 6, 2016. In this table, which comes from the book of Deuteronomy, Rabbi Glazerson pointed to the word Donald, spelled in Hebrew letters, next to the word nasi, which is Hebrew for president," reported Breaking Israel News on Tuesday.

"The second video, released in late October, repeats many of the same codes that were found in the July video. However, these codes were found in the book of Numbers."

Matt Slick, founder and president of Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, told The Christian Post on Wednesday that he found the Bible Code claim "a little over-the-top."

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson
Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson of Israel in a video from July 2016 claiming that codes within the Hebrew Bible predict that Donald Trump will win the 2016 presidential election. |

"There most definitely are numeric patterns in Scripture that are sometimes very interesting and compelling. However, the Bible code concept, in my opinion, seems a little over-the-top," said Slick.

"From what I understand, the same concept applied to regular books like Moby Dick can produce similar results. ... At least in the English. So, I don't put much credence in it."

Slick also told CP that he doubted the Bible Code claims because "even if Trump does win it doesn't mean the Bible code that this guy used is authentic."

"In order for me to be convinced, such a person would have to predict numerous things in advance, not just one. Think about it, there are really only two serious options: Trump and Hillary," continued Slick.

"So, the odds are basically 50–50 that he's right. I would need something more than 50–50 odds to be convinced that the Bible code system is accurate."

According to proponents, the Bible Code is a set of messages within the Hebrew Bible which, when examined properly, can predict current events.

Supporters of the Bible Code claim that by noting certain patterns within the Hebrew lettering, one can find key words and names of major events.

Skeptics, however, argue that such piecing together is selectively performed after the fact and has yet to successfully predict any major world events.

While Glazerson argued that the Bible Code shows a Trump victory, Jewish News International reported back in May that Haredi scholar Kikar Hashabbat predicted Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton would win.

"[Hashabbat] discovered that when reading the Torah with at regular intervals — giant intervals at that, starting with a verse from the story of the binding of Isaac (Genesis 22:4) and the commandment to execute mediums and necromancers (Leviticus 20:27), the resulting letters combine to form the phrase: Hillary Ne'siah (Hillary president)," noted JNI.

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