Bible Distribution Agency Continuing Billion Bible Campaign

In an effort to push forward their “Billion Bible Campaign”, an evangelical Bible distribution agency has launched what they're calling the “All Volunteer Bible Army.”

Since 1971, Bibles for the World's has distributed 15 million Bibles and planted over 300 churches and schools. But although the goal of the “Billion Bible Campaign” is obvious, Bible for the World’s Eric Foley says the program isn't just to place a billion Bibles. "The Lord showed us that the other half of our mission was to transform the way the global church thinks about missions. Instead of individual Christians supporting missions’ work, we see that the Lord is calling us to help individual Christians to become missionaries. We're working to bring out the inner-missionary in every Christian," says Foley.

For this reason, Bibles for the World is launching what they're calling the "All Volunteer Bible Army." Foley says many Christians in the United States have multiple Bibles and many of them are just sitting on shelves collecting dust. He says too many Bibles have been in reserve status. "Now it's time to call them up to active duty. And, the first offensive in the Billion Bible Campaign is the All Volunteer Bible Army. The first thing we're going to do is ask all the Christians in the United States to contribute all the extra Bibles they have, to send to all the English speaking countries where Bibles are desperately needed," says Foley.

The number of English speaking countries needing Bibles is quite large. Foley says, "We found over 50 countries where English is the primary language where Bibles that are gathering dust on shelves in Christian homes can immediately be called into active service and sent out, so that people who have never held a Bible before in their lives can receive one."

The impact is two fold, said Foley. "One, of course, is the impact of evangelism. So that's a key impact. But, there's a second impact and that the transformation of the global church into an organization that is ready for missions service."

For more information on contributing to the Billion Bible Campaign, Bibles for the World can be contacted at 1-888-38-BIBLE.

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