Black Friday 2011: Schedule Strategy - Go to Walmart First, Target Second?

Walmart and Target hours vary, so how can you get the most Black Friday deals?

With all the Black Friday schedule changes, it might be difficult to keep track of all the Black Friday deals. After all, how can you plan where to do your shopping if you do not know if you should go to Walmart or Target first? However as we get closer to Black Friday, retail stores like Walmart and Target are releasing their schedules. Here is a list of when your favorite stores open this Black Friday 2011 so you can plan ahead.

Walmart is getting a head-start on get and Kohl's this year. Stores around the U.S. are planning to open up at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving, only moments after many Americans will have finished their meaget ls. Opening so early gives shoppers a chance to get the Black Friday deals at Walmart and then quickly head over to the nearest Target or Kohl's for even more Black Friday deals.

Walmart Black Friday deals have yet to be announced, but judging by the “early” Black Friday deals they are currently releasing, the sale could be big. Right now, Walmart is offering a 7-inch Pandigital touchscreen tablet for only $95. This tablet lets you surf the web, check email, and watch videos on a tablet for a low price.

Target recently announced that stores will open at midnight on Thanksgiving, which will allow them to maximize its Black Friday time, as well as the famous Target Black Friday sales. The two-hour time difference makes it possible for people who live in areas where Walmart and Target are in close proximity to each other to visit both.

There might be long lines at Target before midnight, so it could be beneficial to have a friend or relative to wait in line at Target while you shop at Walmart. However, Target employees might not allow that policy as some stores in the past have not allowed it past Black Fridays. There could also be a risk of backlash among other shoppers in line, who tend to be quite tense, as many videos on YouTube attest to.

A backup plan is to have your shopping partner know what you want and have them get it for you as you get them what they need at Walmart.

Target has yet to announce what they will be offering on Black Friday, but just like their competitors at Walmart, there has been good deals on Target's website lately, including a 3-bin, Oster buffet server for only $27. This is great to have for your Thanksgiving dinner, and the buffet theme will save you time from serving people, allowing you greater time to get out there and shop for great Black Friday deals.

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