Brazilian Pastor Promises 'Divine Liposuction;' Members Claim to Instantly Lose Weight

A Brazilian pastor is attracting faithful worshippers to his church, Church of Christ Truth that Frees in Sao Roque, Brazil, with the bold claim that "divine liposuction" exists to make individuals lose weight and feel better while curing them of diseases caused by obesity.

Pastor Cesar Peixoto argues that this notion is biblically based because he says the first "spiritual operation" occurred when God created Eve from Adam's rib, without the need of a medical procedure, according to

"The Holy Spirit is the one who is going to operate," said Peixoto, as he began to commence a session of divine liposuction during a recent church service.

He added, "I need angels to do a spiritual lipo," while people began to gather in rows for their anticipated healing, as shown in a video.

Upon entering a moment of prayer among his congregants, many claimed that they had lost weight before falling into a deep 15 minute sleep on the floor during their divine healing process, in the midst of the service.

According to Peixoto, divine liposuction cures health aliments associated with the pituitary gland, hypothyroidism, unbalanced hormones, and even breaks "genetic curses" that causes people to become overweight.

"Obesity is a disease that kills 40 percent more than AIDS does in the world," said Peixoto, reports Noticia Cristiana.

In addition to proving God's healing powers to those in attendance, Peixoto views the strategy as a marketing method as well by distributing flyers about the celestial curing that takes place in church throughout his town, oftentimes door to door. Although he does not charge for the experience, he does schedule visits where he conducts a service to "release" smoking addiction and other diseases.

His "spiritual gift," as he describes it, was bestowed upon him after praying for 40 consecutive days on top of a mountain in a remote town in Brazil.

Prior to being a pastor, Peixoto was Catholic and converted to evangelical Christianity after being in a relationship with a woman who questioned his beliefs about worshiping images and saints. Soon after, he began to study theology at the Theological Institute in Rio de Janeiro and then began his ministry.

His church and its beliefs is not any different than other protestant congregations, he claims.

"We are like Foursquare, like the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, we believe in miracles that Jesus did in the past, and can do today," said Peixoto.

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