Friday, August 05, 2011
Brett Favre: Will he Come Back To NFL For Miami Dolphins?

Brett Favre: Will he Come Back To NFL For Miami Dolphins?

Speculation about Brett Favre returning to the NFL is underway, with the Dolphins named as a team possibly willing to take a chance on the 41-year-old retired quarterback.

The Sun-Sentinel recently posed the idea of Favre joining the Miami Dolphins in a column, due to the lack of starting quarterback potential currently on the team. When the publication asked Dolphins coach Tony Sparano about acquiring Favre, he did not deny the possibility.

"I can't rule anything out," Sparano told Sentinel reporters.

The team is rumored to have issues with current quarterback Chad Henne, who has not been performing to the expectations of the Miami coaching staff, according to Sun-Sentinel. During a scrimmage game on Monday, Henne received with boos from fans watching.

“We want Orton,” the crowd chanted according to Sun-Sentinel.

A rumor had been circulating linking Kyle Orton, the Denver Broncos quarterback to the Dolphins squad. However, the trade was never completed which caused the team to sign Matt Moore.

However, Moore has been unable to practice with the team due to a delay in the approval of his new Collection Bargaining Agreement. Although Tom Brandstater and rookie Pat Devlin have the ability to play the position, neither of the two are secured starters.

With a precarious situation taking place with a leadership position on the Dolphins’ offensive team, Favre’s name has once again emerged. The former Viking quarterback is a 20-season veteran who has a relationship with the Dolphins’ offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, Favre’s former quarterback coach on the Jets.

Although he is currently retired, Favre is known for multiple grand endings and comebacks in his career. Favre retired from the NFL after stints with the Green Bay Packers in 2008, the New York Jets in 2009 and the Minnesota Vikings in 2010.

Sun-Sentinel asked the coach about his plans for acquiring a quarterback with the ability to compete with the Eagles’ Michael Vick and Patriots’ Tom Brady.

"We always have our eyes open," Sparano said. "And are always exploring possibilities."


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