Casting Crowns' Frontman Mark Hall Slams Lazy Christianity, Calls People to Action (Interview)

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L to R: Juan Devevo, Megan Garrett, Brian Scoggin, Mark Hall, Chris Huffman, Melodee Devevo, Josh Mix, 2016. |

Casting Crowns frontman Mark Hall says the band hopes their new album, The Very Next Thing, will encourage Christians to step out of their comfort zone and seek God's plan for their life.

When talking about the title track of the album, Hall said just as the Bible does in Scripture, the band also wants to remind people that there is a next step for everyone.

"All through Scripture we see that all of us believers are in a different stage of next, there's a next step for us, and that's something that we ought to be doing. We're a great generation which is great in many ways, but it's lazy in many ways too," Hall told The Christian Post.

"There's something to do with what God has put in you. We're all in that stage and that's what this record is, it's all different stages of next in people's lives and what God can do through it," the Georgia native said, adding that he thinks the book of Acts should be renamed the book of works so people can see that they actually do have to do something.

Hall said the title chosen for the record was intended to counter the feelings of bondage that many believers are trapped in.

"I think most believers get this feeling that they're stuck. That they've made a couple of bad decisions some years ago and now there's no way to get back," he said. "They feel like this old version of themselves that was so awesome and loved Jesus is a level that they'll never get back to. So we tend to numb out and we just kind of sit there and say, 'I guess this is just the way it is, this numbness that I feel.'"

Hall is a youth leader at Eagle's Landing First Baptist Church in south Atlanta, and says he frequently discusses this topic with his family and the families he ministers to.

"Anytime Jesus ever approached anyone in Scripture, they were a wreck, they were a mess, and He never told one of them to go back and fix it, because you can't. He never told anyone to go back and undo and make up for it. What He told them to do was, 'Follow me from here.' That's what He said to do, and what I see in Scripture are a bunch of people way worse than us, taking Jesus at His Word and turning around and following Him. You can follow Him from doubt, you can follow Him from anger, you can follow Him from failure," he said.

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