Chris Brown's Mother Tells Him to Call on Jesus for His Birthday

Chris Brown's Mother Tells Him to Call on Jesus for His Birthday

Chris Brown celebrated his birthday on May 5 and his mother Joyce Hawkins took to Twitter to let her son know the importance of including Jesus Christ in his life on the occasion.

"You are so blessed! Remember having one pair of shoes, now God has blessed you with more than you could ever imagine," Hawkins told her son in front of over 75,000 Twitter followers. "Thank you God for all."

Hawkins went on to let her son know that he would be blessed with peace during the momentous occasion.

"Just like that one pair of shoes God turned into thousands he will bless you with peace you could never imagine," Hawkins tweeted. "For your birthday today I wish I could give you that peace but I know someone who can do just that. Call on him, his name is Jesus."

Brown appeared on MTV's "This is How I Made It" program last year where he opened up about his humble beginnings in a church where he grew up in Tappahannock, Va.

"It was difficult growing up. We didn't have everything we wanted," Brown revealed on the episode that aired last year. "We were used to two pairs of shoes for a school year. We used to go to church every day. I was one of those kids that had more church clothes than school clothes."

The Grammy Award-winning R&B star said church taught him a lot about music and spoke about his mother influencing him to be in a place of worship regularly.

"Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we had choir rehearsal and the band, the whole nine. So being able to get that music lesson was also a blessing in itself," Brown said on the show last year. "It was also a discipline. I think my mom knew what she was doing like, 'OK I'm going to keep you out the streets and put you in the church first.'"


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