Christ Cannot Be One of Many Gods

Every religion in the world can only be truly understood in the reflection of Jesus Christ. Either Jesus is God, or He isn't. He claimed to forgive sins. Only God can do that. So they killed Him because they thought He wasn't God.

If Jesus is God, then every other religion must by their own definitions be false. If Jesus is God, then you can only be forgiven through faith in Him. And you can only get to paradise through Him. After all, that is what He taught. (see John 14:6)

It is impossible that Christ is just one of many Gods. There is only One God. And Jesus is either that One, along with His Father and the Holy Spirit, or He isn't. He never claimed to be one of many Gods. Only Satan would make such a claim about Christ. Satan doesn't want people to know that Jesus is God.

Only Jesus offers eternal life as a free gift through faith. The religions of the world, other than Christianity, generally teach that a person must earn his way into paradise. Christianity teaches that it is impossible to earn your way to heaven. This is why Jesus came to redeem us. We couldn't do it ourselves.

If Jesus is only one of many Gods, then "true religion" would contradict itself. Just compare Christianity to the other religions. It is unlike any other religion. No matter how badly a person wants to believe that Jews and Muslims and Christians "all worship the same God," it simply doesn't pass the test of truth. This is because truth cannot contradict itself. It must be consistent throughout.

Why would men in different cultures and different generations come up with different definitions of God? Because men are prone to believe whatever they think is true, even if it contradicts the fulfilled Messianic prophecies in the Bible. Many people are not aware of the fulfilled prophecies, or they don't understand the implications of the fulfilled prophecies. Or they reject them because they have been taught to reject them.

Christ cannot be one of many Gods. He is so different from all the others that are thought to be God. The doctrine of the Trinity is either true or false. God is either Three Persons in One God, or He isn't. Which side of the line are you on? Do you accept this teaching by faith, or instead reject it as being false? It cannot be both true and false. Either God is comprised of Three Persons, or not.

Jesus is either your God and your Creator, or He is a fake. Your belief about Christ is a big deal. It is a life and death deal. Jesus spoke about eternal realities that are present regardless of who believes in Him or not. He spoke about heaven and hell as existing whether people believe in those places or not. We live in an age where many people have been deceived into thinking that their beliefs create reality. Jesus taught something far different. He taught about the reality of heaven and hell and the fact that every person enters one of those two places when their body dies.

Christ cannot be one of many Gods. He cannot be just another "good option." If He is only a "good option," then He was either lying or out of His mind. You get to choose whether or not you believe He was telling the truth. And if you choose to believe it, you will be amazed at what else you will come to believe based on the words of Scripture.

Jesus leads people down a path. Once you start down that path, there is much more to learn along the way. But the journey can only begin and continue through faith. It cannot be entered into through your own efforts or religious deeds. That is a huge difference between Christ and all the other religions of the world.

Jesus is unique. Jesus is eternal. Jesus is God. Your personal beliefs about Jesus will not change who He is, and who He isn't. They will simply reveal whether you are on the narrow road to heaven, or the wide road to hell. (see Matthew 7:13,14) That is another teaching which makes Jesus so different. He not only claimed to be the one way to heaven, but He also claimed that most people live and die on the other path. This seems very strange to our natural way of thinking. We would tend to think just the opposite. We would tend to think that most people are on the highway to heaven. But then Jesus comes along and teaches something radically different than what our natural mind would imagine to be the case.

Christ cannot be one of many Gods. He would have presented a much broader message of salvation that would have included forgiveness of sins for people of any and all religions. He didn't do that. He could have, but He didn't. There must be a reason why He didn't do it. There must be a reason why He taught what He did about heaven and hell. He certainly wasn't going to earn any points with those in His day who wanted him to be "politically correct" or "theologically correct." His message was not received well by various politicians and theologians of His day. They thought they knew better than the Messiah. In their minds, He couldn't be the real Messiah. Interestingly, they seemed to know that He couldn't be just one of many Gods.

But what do you know about Christ? And what are you open to learning about Him? Either your eternal well-being hinges on a relationship with Jesus Christ, or it doesn't. There is no middle ground here. He is either the Truth, or He was a false prophet. Don't make the mistake of trying to stake out ground somewhere "in the middle." That is just another way of avoiding Him and His claims on your life.

So go for broke. All or nothing. Give Christ your heart and soul as you bring Him your sin. Or don't do it. But if you choose not to do it, just make sure you realize who it is you are choosing to resist. Christ cannot be one of many Gods. That is impossible, based on the words of the Savior Himself.

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.

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