Christian Singer Jamie Grace Reveals Pregnancy News, Asks for Prayers

Jamie Grace (right) and sister Morgan Harper Nichols share 'baby-on-the-way' news on social media, Nov 1, 2018.
Jamie Grace (right) and sister Morgan Harper Nichols share "baby-on-the-way" news on social media, Nov 1, 2018. | (Photo:Instagram/JamieGrace)

Grammy-nominated Christian singer Jamie Grace had the wedding of her dreams in April and now the YouTube sensation is revealing that she's pregnant with her first child.

Grace broke the news in a newly released video on YouTube, revealing that both she and her sister, Morgan Harper Nichols, are pregnant at the same time.

In the clip, Grace, who has been battling Tourette syndrome since she was 11, detailed how she revealed the news to her husband, model and actor Aaron Collins.

"I had to wait for him to wake up and finally at 11 a.m. he woke up," she laughed.

She pretended the cable on her TV wasn't working and asked him to check the entertainment system, which is where she hid the pregnancy test. He discovered two positive tests and shared that he began to cry.

"I tried to cry but I was so in shock," Grace said of her own reaction.

In the announcement video, her sister also shared her pregnancy reveal story and then the singing sisters shared how they broke the news to each other.

"Pregnancy can be so difficult and challenging and beautiful, ultimately. But just to know that we have the ultimate support system and knowing that they are going through the same thing at the same time, we were so excited," Grace said of she and her sister being pregnant at the same time.

The sisters are due June 2019 which means they are both in their first trimester.

"We know that it might seem like a very early pregnancy announcement but once we realized we were carrying life we just wanted to share that with everyone and celebrate that together, and ask for your prayers as we embark on this crazy and wonderful and exciting journey," the Christian singer concluded.