Christian Viewers Upset Over Hallmark Channel's Censoring of 'God'

The Hallmark Channel has been receiving criticism from Christian viewers since it recently censored the word "God" during a re-run airing of the movie "It Could Happen to You." The network has responded by saying it muted the word "God" so as to not use the Lord's name in vain.

Concerned Christian viewers have been flooding the cable network channel's Facebook page this week, questioning why the network chose to omit "God" from the film that aired last weekend. Some upset viewers commenting on Hallmark's Facebook argue that the muting of "God" is a sign that the network has caved into "political correctness."

"I was shocked, angry, and greatly disappointed that during the movie 'It Could Happen to You,' every time the name of God was used, it was muted out!!!!! I would never have thought the Hallmark Channel would cave in to so called political correctness. You can count on a lot of others feeling the same way and not tuning in anymore if this continues," commented Gracie Guillotte earlier this week.

Another upset viewer went so far as to say that they will no longer watch the Hallmark Channel because of its decision. "I am thoroughly upset, and ashamed that you could stoop so low as to mute out the word God in anything you televise … I for one will not watch your channel anymore … I will pass this on to all my friends and family."

Others questioned why the television network would block out God when other curse words are allowed to be aired. "Can you believe that? You can cuss and everything else on TV but can't say God anymore. What is going on in the world these days?"

The network sought to clarify its intent, with a Hallmark spokesperson explaining via Facebook that the network had chosen to censor "God" because their Standard & Practices department categorized the word as being used in vain in the 1994 film.

"As the leader of family programming, Hallmark Channel strives to provide quality programming with a balance that includes both current and contemporary shows. In the recent airing of, It Could Happen To You, the word God was omitted as staying on the side of caution to not offend, as our Standard & Practices department categorized it as God was being used in vain. We appreciate our viewers, and thank you for writing and sharing your comments with us."

Although some were angered by the network's decision, others agreed with Hallmark's muting of the word "God" when it was being used in vain.

"Why are people offended over 'God' being silenced in a movie?" questioned Will Good.

"It offends God for his name to be used in that manner. To use his name like that, saying 'Oh my God' or something of the like such as 'I swear to God,' God considers this to be taking his name in vain and his name isn't to be used in such a careless and disrespectful manner. This is a commandment straight from God himself..! 'You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain' (Deuteronomy 5:11)."