CP World Report: Hurricane Sandy, Gaza, Obama Same-Sex Marriage Endorsement

As it comes down to the final week of the Presidential campaign, hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast caused and continues to cause complications with scheduling and early voting in at least four pivotal states — New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia. Polls indicate it's a tight race with 270 electoral votes needed for victory--a majority of the 538.Total campaign spending has exceeded $2 billion, making this presidential race the most expensive in the history of electoral politics.

Hurricane Sandy has killed a total of 41 people in the Caribbean. The late-season hybrid storm has been dubbed "Frankenstorm" by some weather experts as it will combine elements of a tropical cyclone and a winter storm. Forecast models show it will have the ingredients to morph into a massive and potentially catastrophic "super storm." Tens of millions of people in the eastern third of the U.S. are in its path , and the Mayor of NY City ordered the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of residents. And…..the Canadian Hurricane Center said Ontario may see the worst of Sandy as it picks up strength.

A powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck British Columbia over the weekend , sparking a tsunami warning that was later cancelled. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake, the biggest of its kind in Canada in 60 years, hit the Haida Gwaii (Gwa-yee)Islands, formerly known as Queen Charlotte Islands.

President Obama has given a blanket endorsement of same-sex marriage in the states of Washington, Maine and Maryland, joining Minnesota, where he has already given support. While gay marriage proponents have been outperforming supporters of traditional marriage in fundraising, Pro-family activists and ministers have continued to battle through campaigns to keep traditional marriage intact. Legislators in Washington State and Maryland passed same-sex marriage laws but citizens turned in enough signatures to force the issue onto the November ballot in both states.

The israeli air force is targeting rocket launching squads in Gaza -- after a barrage of attacks on southern Israel. Israeli strikes have killed several Palestinian militants , and attacks have been escalating.

A UN-backed ceasefire in Syria, declared for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha has failed to take hold. Over 150 people were reported killed on Friday, the start of the holiday, and over 120 more people the day after.

A massive four-day national prayer event concludes tomorrow in the desert north of Cairo. It was expected to draw a total of 50,000 people from all over Egypt; and reach between 5 to 6 million viewers with television coverage. Jerry Dykstra, Media Relations Director for Open Doors USA called the event truly awesome, as it happens in the midst of increased persecution, turmoil and uncertainty in Egypt. Newly elected Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi and his party have been greatly influencing the country's judiciary….. by implementing aspects of Sharia law.

Canada's first black police chief is already making waves and it's over prayer. Devon Clunic, the incoming Chief in Winnipeg says he is surprised by the strong controversy over a statement he made about prayer . Clunis is quoted in Christian Week as calling for prayer from those of all faiths…. for reduced crime. While some supported his statement, others were outraged saying there is no place for religious views in the public service. Clunis is a 25-year veteran of the Winnipeg Police Service and also a Chaplain with the force. He said he was stunned by some of the anger and criticisms.

In health news….

Tens of millions of children go Trick or Treating for Halloween. But there's a downside. With all that candy comes loads of sugar. So what's a parent can parends do to protect their children's teeth?

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