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CP World Report: Romney, Iranian Pastor, Syria, Afghanistan

CP World Report: Romney, Iranian Pastor, Syria, Afghanistan

It was a big day in the Republican search for a candidate. Mitt Romney won contests in Maryland and Washington, D.C. to tighten his grip on the race. He also landed a win against rival Rick Santorum with an expected victory in Wisconsin.

As the violence rages in Syria, many Christians are reportedly considering fleeing the country, once considered a safe haven for Christians in the Middle East. Christians there are faced with danger on two fronts: getting caught in the crossfire between government and rebel forces. Also, if the rebels prevail and the regime falls, an Islamic government could emerge, making life more difficult for the Christian community. That's according to a report from the "Catholic Near East Welfare Association"

A college community in Northern California is in mourning after a gunman went on a deadly rampage, killing six women and one man. Here's more…..

A Florida pastor, who has made it his ministry to end legalized abortion in the U.S. believes it's the evangelical church that must first repent and call out to God to win the spiritual battle for the lives of unborn children. Reverend Jim McGarvey said the vast majority of Christians can go to an evangelical church for many years and not hear anything about abortion. He told our news partner Christian Post that most evangelical pastors are pro-life, but they are not communicating the message to their congregations.

A man convicted of raping his daughter is now a free man after spending more than nine years behind bars. He's free because his daughter now says she made it all up.

The American Center for Law and Justice has reported that Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, although imprisoned in Iran, was able to see one of his sons on the child's birthday. This comes as a special treat for Nadarkhani , who will also celebrate his 35th birthday after being imprisoned for two and a half years. Nadarkhani was arrested by Iranian authorities in Oct. 2009 for apostasy and protesting the government's mandatory teaching of Islam in his children's schools

A boxing studio in Afghanistan is giving women a chance to enter the ring. After the fall of the Taliban, women are now picking up gloves and hoping to be contenders in this summer's Olympic games in London.


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