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CP World Report: Syria, Iranian Pastor, Year of the Bible, North Korea

CP World Report: Syria, Iranian Pastor, Year of the Bible, North Korea

The Syrian government has accepted the peace plan of U.N.--Arab League envoy Kofi Annan. It calls for an immediate end to violence and the free movement of aid into the country. Annan arrived in China Monday to rally support for the plan. Annan also stopped in Russia, where he said….Syrians themselves should decide whether President Bashar al-Assad should resign.

An update on imprisoned Iranian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. The American Center for Law and Justice has confirmed he is still alive. Recent reports of his execution are false according to the organization. Fears were sparked after a purported image of the Pastor was widely circulated on the internet….of him blindfolded, standing on gallows next to a noose with two armed guards behind him. Iran has a history of executing prisoners quietly.

Pennsylvania lawmakers are being sued for declaring 2012 the year of the bible. The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a federal lawsuit arguing the declaration is unconstitutional. The resolution-- authored by State Representative Rick Saccone--passed unanimously in January. The lawsuit not only claims the resolution is tantamount to the endorsement of "state-sponsored religion," but it went further with an attack on scripture itself, referring to biblical content as: violent, sexist, racist and quote: "personally repugnant." But Saccone argues…. the resolution was meant to recognize the impact the Bible has had on the U.S. and on the state.

Just hours after U.S. president Barack Obama warned North Korea over its nuclear ambitions, the country reportedly moved a long-range rocket to the launch pad. North Korea says it is preparing for a satellite launch next month – but observers aren't so sure. South Korea says it considers the launch an attempt to develop a nuclear missile. And the U.S. has warned of repercussions if the launch goes forward. But those warnings appear to be falling on deaf ears. 

A new study by two professors is exploring how Religion can influence suicide rates. Statistical Data have long shown that Protestants are more likely to commit suicide than Catholics, but the question is…why. UK Professor Sascha Becker and Ludger Woessmann from Germany investigated a causal link between Protestantism and suicide. They attribute it to choice of religion. For example, someone becoming a Protestant not to commit suicide. This implies a personal starting point of despair This causal hypothesis will be investigated in future research.

Sports announcers and lay people alike had lots to say after the announcement of the outspoken Christian Quarterback Tim Tebow being traded to the New York Jets. But how does Tebow himself feel about it? 


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