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Has DC Mayor Forgotten Civil Rights History?

Expels Ex-Gospel Singer from MLK Event

Apparently the Mayor of Washington D.C., Vincent Gray, has forgotten his city's civil rights history.

When Gray was 20 years old, a Baptist minister by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before 250,000 people and delivered what is considered by many to be the most eloquent speech in our nation's history. The message by this gifted orator was simple: he had a dream. And that dream was the insatiable hope that someday people would learn to look past a person's skin color and see them for who they were on the inside.

But now that dream has been elasticized. It's been rewritten and modified. That dream is no longer about ethnic equality; it's broadened to include anything from sexual orientation to fighting for the rights of illegal immigrants. In short, King's speech apparently had a few extra pages that he was even unaware of.

Case in point: Mayor Gray just banned Donnie McClurkin from singing at a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration in D.C.

Why? Is McClurkin a white guy who doesn't "get" civil rights? No, he's a black man. Could it be that he's a Satan-worshipper who would not live up to the pastoral standards of King? No, he's actually a Gospel minister.

Then what could it be? Why would Mayor Gray ban a black Gospel singer who has been honored with the NAACP Image Award, 2 BET Awards and 3 Grammys?

Because McClurkin is a former practicing homosexual who now lives as a straight man before God. You see, in the politically correct times in which we live, sexual orientation trumps everything.

My fellow brothers and sisters with darker pigmentation…please hear me carefully. We are no longer a minority.

The liberals have no use for us because they know most of us will pull the electoral lever for them every time. We are taken for granted. Unless you're living a homosexual lifestyle yourself, you aren't important anymore. Mayor Gray's decision to ban a black Gospel-singer proves that civil rights have turned uncivilized. Let's be honest; if it were up to Mayor Gray, Dr. King wouldn't even be invited to this event. Is this the new face of the black community? Is Gray the new Black?

Look, maybe Mayor Gray is senile and his memory has faded in the past 50 years. Maybe he's had a lot on his mind because he's under investigation for a campaign finance scandal. Heck, maybe the Mayor is on the down low himself.

Or maybe the ban on McClurkin is simpler than all of those things: maybe Mayor Gray is too spineless to stand up to a homosexual lobby who limits free speech, bullies straights, and tries everything they can to turn Dr. King into a Queen.

Dr. Ken Hutcherson is Senior Pastor of Antioch Bible Church outside Seattle. He is a former Seattle Seahawk and Dallas Cowboy linebacker who lives with his family in Redmond, Washington.

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