Devastating Assault on America's Food Supply

We all know that good mothers insist that their children eat their veggies……..RIGHT?

Well, while it should certainly be a better choice than pre-packaged junk foods, it's sadly getting to the point where it matters very little how many fruits and vegetables we eat!! In fact, some experts are arguing that produce is essentially becoming like junk food because these fruits and vegetables can no longer absorb the necessary nutrients from our depleted soils.

Nutritional Deficiency may be the worst individual factor of the TDOS Syndrome - (Toxicity, Deficiency, Overweight, Stress). TDOS Syndrome plagues our country and each co-factor offers an equally DEVASTATING ARGUMENT as to why it is so detrimental for the human body.

Peter greenlaw

But nutrition stands in the middle of the battlefield holding a strong position.

Without adequate nutrition (nutritional deficiency), the existence of the human race is a side note in the planet's history. Certainly the body has adapted to working with fewer nutrients in our food. Yet this high level of nutritional deficiency may have opened the door, ushering other health problems into the body.

Have we sacrificed Health for Convenience?!?

Our fast-paced society has made it nearly impossible for us to even get the proper nutrition. In most cases, we're more concerned about convenience than we are health.

To start, let's look at the scientific definition of deficiency. The simple definition of a dietary deficiency is a lack of nutrients, which the body needs to function properly. These nutrients, including trace elements, minerals and vitamins, are required for a fully functioning body.

The problem becomes more serious when there is a deficit in one or more of these micro-nutritional elements. Let's be very clear; nutritional deficiency is a much bigger problem than just being hungry.

The deficiencies in micronutrients alone are costing us our health and our futures.

Experts estimate the body may require as many as 91 essential nutrients and studies show how many are now lacking from our fresh fruits and vegetables.


Our soils are all but depleted of the nutrients they once carried. An Earth Summit Report from 1992 compared the soils in the U.S. at that time to the soils from 100 years ago. Researchers discovered that our soil had lost 85 percent of the minerals and other nutrients during that time span. It's been decades since that study was conducted, so by now, our soil is probably almost completely void of nutrients.

Another study conducted by a British food journal found that in the last 50 years, potatoes have lost all of the Vitamin A they once carried, 28 percent of their calcium, half of their riboflavin and 18 percent of their thiamin. And it doesn't stop with potatoes, as researchers uncovered similar results for 25 other fruits and vegetables.

Premature Harvest Compounds the issue:

Another study states that farmers are harvesting fruits and vegetables prematurely to get them to the markets faster, which further saps nutrients from them because they have less time to absorb what's left of the already depleted nutrients from the soil. And as we already know, the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides further adds to the problem.

Will eating SUPERFOODS fix the problem?

Hypothetically speaking, food is one of the most powerful medicines available, but it is now being replaced by so-called "super foods," which, despite all the marketing about their health benefits, still don't contain the high levels of nutrients we need. We're still lacking the required 91 essential nutrients in our day-to-day foods.

Let's clarify some misconceptions about the overall state of nutrition and where these 91 essential nutrients really originate. Taking a trip to the local grocery store will only confuse those who haven't taken the time to find the truth. Walking down the aisles, we see claims for fortified foods, reduced fat, diet and, the big one these days, organic. Ultimately, these catch phrases are nothing more than brilliant marketing. If all this advertising were true, we would not be struggling with nutritional deficiency.

But what if I only eat ORGANIC?

There are misunderstandings about these slogans, including use of the word, "organic". While organic foods, especially produce, are somewhat better for you in some ways, they are still nutritionally inadequate. The nutritional content of our food is all that matters.

Are those 91 essential nutrients guaranteed to show up?

There is new information daily arguing both for and against organic foods and their function in our diets and overall health. The main question regarding eating organically should be; does the consumption of organically grown and produced foods equal a healthier diet overall and is there significant research to confirm this? The shocking reply is, "no".

But isn't it true that at least Organic Foods don't contain Pesticides…..

Another critical piece of this puzzle is understanding the effects that herbicides and pesticides play in the body. One could argue that organic produce is better because there are no herbicides and pesticides used in the growing process, thus not adding to the body's toxin load.

However, recent studies show that small amounts of these chemicals are present in organic produce. In most cases, the percentages of these toxic chemicals do not exceed the organic limits for chemicals but they still exist. Yet, we pay a premium for the organic label. Some may be upset to hear that even small amounts of these toxins are in the premium produce. These pesticides occur from the drift effect from nearby fields as well as from long lasting pesticides in the soil. Remember, some organic fields were once cultivated using standard industrial farming practices.


The studies are in and they continually prove that Americans are not getting enough nutrition. This deficiency helps produce a disease state within the body.

What are the food companies doing to solve this major problem?

Most companies are not addressing this cataclysmic problem and are, in fact, taking food in the opposite direction.


Famous author and nutritional researcher, Michael Moss coined the term, "the bliss point." Simply put, the bliss point is a scientific calculation used to perfect the combinations of these lethal ingredients to keep the consumer half satisfied. Not only do they find the perfect balances of salt and sugar for example, they make it almost impossible to literally eat just one; insuring the consumer will come back for more and more after that.

This is yet another reason for each person to continue their quest for the truth and to educate themselves in regards to what is really going on in the world of food. The fact is we can no longer eat our way into health. The studies are in and all the vitamins and minerals the body needs to function properly are almost all gone from our food supply.

The Battle For Nutrition and Health

Not only that, we are fighting against these giant food companies that are literally developing food in a science lab to insure future sales and an almost addiction state when it comes to certain snacks, desserts, etc. These food giants are not concerned with nutritional deficiency; they are concerned with their bottom line and how to increase sales.

We know today's diet is lacking nutrition, but where do we go from here?

THERE IS A SOLUTION! But we first have to change our emotional state. We have to change our attitude and expectation and believe that there IS a solution. We have to change our thoughts to ask better questions and believe that we can be a PART of the solution. By participating in the proactive solutions we are going to give ourselves a higher quality of life.

As I say in many of my lectures - It is not just about living longer. That is a medical goal. But it is about living healthier, longer and having a better quality of life.

We CAN have rest, hope, nutrition, hope and joy!!!!

There are still sources of these potent vitamins and minerals. I don't have the space here to go into detail about these sources. But at I go more in-depth on these SOLUTIONS and even include videos where I interview experts in the field. You will find solution providers who offer ways of getting proper nutrients for your body. On the site, you can take a FREE Awareness Assessment which will help you determine how toxic or deficient you are and will be directed to a solution provider who can customize a nutrition and detoxification process for your individual situation. I look forward to hearing from you!
Join our ever growing community of proactive citizens who are taking back our health!

Be sure not to miss the next article where I will present the evidence to how being overweight is also a huge contributor of the TDOS syndrome. You can find out more about TDOS Syndrome on my site. See you there!

Peter and Drew Greenlaw are a father and son team that has spent the last 10 years becoming one of the preeminent authorities in the realm of health and wellness. Since 2007, Peter has traveled roughly 1.6 million miles and has hosted over 1,200 lectures on topics ranging from global toxicity and its effects on the human body to how nutritionally bankrupt our food sources really are. You can find out more about Peter and Drew at

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